Weekend Family Fun Idea: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this weekend? Grab the camera, head outdoors and try a photo scavenger hunt. (With digital cameras, this is so easy and fun. You can also delete all of the pictures when you are done. No wasted film!) You can go to a specific place to do your hunt or look at your own neighborhood through a new lens. (Get it? A new lens? Oh, forget it.)

You can play individually, in teams or as a group depending on how many cameras you can get your hands on. Then choose a theme. Some examples:

  • Alphabet – take a photo of something representing every letter in the alphabet.
  • Numbers – Try to find groups of things representing the numbers 1 -10. 1 ball, 2 flowers, 3 weeds in Daddy’s lawn, 4 cars that your son never picked up, etc. (You get the picture.)
  • Colors – Take a photo of as many colored objects as you can. Or take pictures of things that are red. See who can find the most.
  • A common object - For example, dogs, flowers, toys in the yard, red cars, etc. Pick something where you’ll find quite a few examples. See who can find the most.
  • Letters – Have the kids look for different letters and see if they can spell out words when you get home and print them out.

This is fun to play in your neighborhood because your kids will come back with photos of things you’ve never noticed. (Really, that’s what’s in the back of the Jones’ yard?)

We went to the Farmers Market last weekend and my daughter went on a hunt to take a picture of every dog at the market. She had a blast meeting the dogs and asking people if she could take their picture. We had a great time looking at the photos when we got home. She printed them out and created her own book, which was pretty cool and kept her busy for hours. Here’s what she saw:
dog 1

dog 2

dog 3

dog 4

dog 5

dog 6

dog 7

Any other photo hunt ideas out there? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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  1. I love this idea and can’t wait to do this! Thanks for posting it!

    Michele Dykstra

  2. You’re welcome. Have fun! If you want, send us one of your best photos and we’ll post it.



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