Video Clip – Ideas to Amuse Kids During Holiday Break

NBC News Segment
A few weeks ago I was on NBC 5 Chicago News talking about ways to keep kids busy during the Holiday Break, with some sanity saver ideas and cool products. While the Holiday Break may be over, check out the clip and use the ideas to have fun with your kids, especially on snow days or the upcoming Presidents Day Holiday weekend. Leave me a comment if you like the segment and check out some of my other videos on my YouTube Channel (the content is good, even if my head is cut off in some of them.)

Video on How to Amuse Kids During Holiday Break.

As a personal aside, I want to throw out a big thank you to Nesita Kwan and the morning news crew at NBC 5 Chicago for making me feel so welcome and at ease while I was in the studios. It was a pleasure! Thank you as well for allowing us to post the video clip.

Would you be interested in seeing some of our tips and ideas on Family Fun in video form?

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