Very Pinteresting Father’s Day Cards

I was on Pinterest last night (shock!) and fell in love with some of these really creative Father’s Day cards that you can make with the kids. Some are easy, some are a little more involved but all of these ideas will thrill Dad on his special day.

Download and print this Father’s Day card and coupon set from Amy at The download is $3.95 but that’s how much I paid for a Father’s Day card at the store, which didn’t include the fun coupons. I would certainly ask the kids for a few more ideas and add some of our own coupons, as well.

I adore the “I Love You This Much Card” from the A Day In My Life Blog. It’s really easy to do so head over to Tiffany’s site to get the instructions.

If you have some scrapbook paper at home, this Father’s Day card from the Write. Click. Scrapbook site is stunning. I love the quote about Fathers but the colors and buttons make it a card worth framing.

Finally, has a family tradition of asking her kids every year what they love most about their Dad. She records their answers on video and then she used PicMonkey to make a really beautiful card with their answers. It’s adorable and I’m hoping she shares how she made it on her blog today or tomorrow.

You can see more amazing Father’s Day card and gift ideas on my All About Dad Pinterest Board. If you have a fun homemade Father’s Day card you’d like to share, I’d love to feature it on the blog. Leave a comment below with a link or shoot me an email at sue (at)

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