Valentine’s Day Treats for the Kids

There are some amazing recipes out there for Valentine’s Day treats for the kids. I went looking for the ones that would intrigue my kids (and me) the most. Make them ahead of time to surprise the kids when they come home from school on Valentine’s Day or you can prepare any of these recipes WITH the kids for even more fun on Valentine’s Day.

Sprinkle Bakes Flaming Cupcakes is a very cool baking site and I just love these flaming Chocolate Cupcakes. While she is pushing them as romantic, I would push them as worthy of amazing the kids. I would definitely keep the liquor and the flame out of the kids’ hands, but having them gaze upon a cupcake that is on fire would heat up Mom’s coolness factor. (Note: Although you need to add liquor to make the flame, the heat burns away the alcohol so kids can still eat it. Or, light some on fire but keep some liquor free cupcakes on the side to serve the kids after the “show.”)

This Box of Chocolates Cake from is pretty cool as well.

Barbara Beery's Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Barbara Beery always has some fun and easy recipes for cooking with the kids. Check out her Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue and Heart-shaped Chocolate Chip Peppermint Scones. Yum to both!'s Watermlon Heart treats
Finally, if you want something healthier and non-chocolate, these Watermelon Heart treats from looked super yummy and easy.

What are your favorite treats to make the kids for Valentine’s Day. “>Please share.

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