Throw a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Yippee! I was featured in a great article today in the Chicago Sun Times on ideas for throwing a kids birthday bash for less cash.

They highlighted our Kids Birthday Party Entertainment Kits, which was thrilling for us. We are working on developing new birthday party kit themes like Princess, Race Car, Slumber Party, Jungle Safari, Going on a Bear Hunt, and Down on the Farm.

Can you help us with our party kit development?

How many kids do you normally invite to your kids’ birthday parties?
What are some of the themes that are most interesting to you or your kids?
What 3 things would make it easier for you to throw a kids birthday party at home?

Please leave me your answer in the comments section and thanks for your help!

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  1. 1. My children invite their age. If they are turning seven, they invite seven friends.
    2. A couple of this year’s themes will be Sweet Shop and Nerf.
    3. Having a plan, involving the birthday child in the decisions and simplifying the process makes it easier to throw a kids birthday party at home or at a local park.


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