Teach Your Kids a Love of Gardening

Give a child the gift of a green thumb!

Gardening for me is a great way to relax, de-clutter my busy mind, and reconnect with nature. I get a good workout, enjoy plenty of sunshine, create a pretty yard, and grow plenty of basil for my summer bruchetta. But mostly I do garden because we entertain a lot in the summer – neighborhood fire pit parties or BBQs – and we want the house to look smashing.

When my kids expressed an interest in gardening – or rather, when I discovered my daughter attempting to transfer a pretty yellow flower (aka dandelion) into my bed of begonias – I decided to create a designated “Kids Only” garden where they could cultivate their budding green thumbs safely away from my begonias and rose bushes. They get to pick what they want to plant, which makes it exciting for them. (Although when we went to the local nursery to get flowers, my son only seemed to want to buy the container of preying mantises. Hmm!)

If you want to share your love of gardening with your kids, teach them about how plants grow. They love digging in the dirt. It’s a primal joy to squish dirt through your fingers and the anticipation of watching a seed sprout is awesome. Gardening is just a great way to create an experience they’ll remember and give the gift of a life skill to your kids.

The Budding Gardener Book
You can find some great advice on Kids Gardening here. I also reviewed a cute book called The Budding Gardener over at the Parent Tested, Parent Approved blog that offers 50 simple, creative and fun gardening activities to do with kids. What’s nice is that the book includes gardening activities to do both outdoors and indoors. So, you’ll find something to do even if it’s winter, you live in an apartment, or want to amuse a whole classroom.

To get the kids excited, here is a great gardening tool kits designed for little hands. Get them their own gardening tools so you won’t have to hand over your favorite trowel and spade.

Ladybug Garden Apron Set
The Ladybug Garden Apron Set is super cute! Your little girl will love digging alongside you in the garden with her out gardening “outfit” and tools. It includes an embroidered ladybug apron, a pair of embroidered garden gloves, and two wooden handled, painted garden tools. See the review of this set on Droolicious!

Paint Your Own Flower Pots Kit
If your kids want to help you beautify your garden without actually digging in the dirt, have them craft up some garden ornaments. We like and sell the Paint Your Own Flower Pot Kids Craft Kit and Paint Your Own Garden Gnome Kit.

Paint Your Own Garden Gnome

After they’ve created their own flower pot or garden gnome, they can plant a flower or pick out a perfect spot in the garden or the patio for the gnome. I am a firm believer in the fact that every garden needs a gnome. See mine?

All of these gardening and garden-inspired craft kits are great for having fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, as well.

Do you garden with your kids or grandkids? What do you like to do with them?

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  4. Debi, a butterfly garden sounds wonderful. I’ll keep checking your blog to see if you post any pictures of it. Thanks for stopping by!


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