Tasty Treats for a Race Car Theme Party

Whether you are hosting a race car theme birthday party or just racing your Matchbox cars on the driveway, here are some fun treats to make for the kids to get their engines revving. We got the inspiration for these treats from MakeandTakes.com, and their race car party post. We just built upon her theme. It was so easy to make these race car treats that you can either make them ahead of time for the kids or have them make their own. (My kids wanted to make their own.)

Race Car Zingers

What you need:

  • Package of Zingers, Twinkies or mini cake rolls
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Gummie lifesavers
  • York Peppermint Patties
  • Chocolate frosting
  • M&M candies
  • Super Mario fruit chews


To make the race cars, insert two pretzel sticks through the Zinger or twinkie to hold the wheels. Add mini marshmallows on the ends of the pretzel sticks for wheels and stick 2 M&M candies to the front for headlights. My kids wanted a driver, so we cut a gummie lifesaver in half as the steering wheel and used Mario from the fruit chew package as the driver.

A Little Extra:

We started to play around with other ingredients to make our cars. We wanted to make our wheels bigger so we chose York Peppermint Patties for the tires. We used chocolate frosting to “glue” them and the headlight M&M’s to the sides and front of the Twinkie.

Play around with the ingredients and see what combination you like best.

Donut Tires

Stack up some mini chocolate donuts to look like car tires for a fun treat display. My daughter and I made little racing flags on white paper that we taped to toothpicks. This is a fun snack after your family had fun racing toy cars on a Driveway Race Track or as an alternative to cupcakes at a party. Again, Marie over at Makesandtakes.com was the inspiration for this idea.

Enjoy these fun, race car themed kids snacks. On your marks, get set, eat!

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