Summer Kids Activity: Paint the House

Today’s summer activity for kids, as part of our 51 Summer Family Fun Activities series, is to put the kids to “work” painting the house… with water. It’s such an easy activity for Mom but you’ll love it because it will amuse your toddlers for hours. Even big kids have a kick painting with water.

What you need:

  • a bowl or bucket of water
  • a fat paint brush

That’s it! Just give your kids the bucket and the paint brush and tell them to have at it. Paint the house, the sidewalk, the trees, the fence. You name it, they can paint to their heart’s content without making a big mess or ruining anything. It makes them feel like they are doing a “grown-up” activity and encourages their imagination.

To build on this activity, when my kids were a little older, around 5 or 6 years old, I gave them a spray bottle with water and they loved going around watering the plants and flowers outside. Sure, they liked spraying each other too but it certainly kept them occupied. You can also accomplish the same thing by giving them a watering can and let them water all of the flowers.

I love an activity that is simple, inexpensive and yet amuses kids for a long time. Have fun painting or spraying. For more fun activities, read Fun Activities for Toddlers for Super Hot Days.

What other kind of fun ideas do you have for amusing kids with water?

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