Start a New Tradition – Create Your Own Family Holiday

At a loss for ideas this Memorial Day weekend to have fun with your family? Tired of the same old picnics? Why not create your own Family Holiday? We all love holidays right? Special foods, special activities, time spent with people we love (or at least like.) Maybe you don’t get to take off of work for your own invented Holiday, but any reason to celebrate ranks high on the family fun meter.

I was inspired when I came across a fun posting on Creating Your Own Family Holiday over at Think about it. Creating your own Holiday! How fun is that!?! And, what a great opportunity to use your imagination and creativity.

Here’s our take on the idea – Why not let each person in the family come up with an idea and you can vote on it. Or, put the ideas in a hat each January 1st and draw one idea to be celebrated that year. If you love celebrations and silliness, why not let each person in the family get their own Holiday? If all of your family birthdays seem to come at the same time of year, this is a perfect opportunity to spread out your family celebrations. Here are some of my ideas for a family Holiday:

    1. Family Movie Festival. In the fall on a yucky Saturday or Sunday, pick a day for a family movie festival. Everyone in the family get to pick their favorite movie to watch. Lounge the day away in your pajamas and watch these classic movies with plenty of snacks. End the day by watching some of your favorite home movies or ask Grandma and Grandpa to come over with movies of you when you were a kid. The kids will love it! You can even create silly categories, vote and award the movie with your own version of the Oscars.

    2. Curl Up With a Good Book Day. I love to read and there is nothing greater than finding a good book that you can’t put down. However, I always feel guilty when I sit down and just read during the middle of the day. I always feel like I should be doing something else. So, I would love a day where everyone gets a book, finds a comfy nook, and spends the day reading. We love to encourage our kids to read so this would help them discover the joy of reading. At the end of the day we can each talk about what we read.

    3. Chocolate Festival. Have chocolate at every meal. Figure out how to add chocolate to every dish you eat that day. Search for recipes online for inspiration.

    4. Our Family Gives Back Day. Spend the day helping out various charities. Call some of your local charities and ask if there is something you can do as a family to help out.

    5. Family Adventure Day. Grab a map with a 2 hour driving radius from where you live. Have one of the kids close their eyes and stick a pin into the map. You now have a destination for your adventure. Look up the town on Google and see what interesting things or restaurants there might be in that town and head out to discover a new place.

What ideas do you have for creating your own Family Holiday? They can be funny. We like funny.

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  1. As always, I love the way you think! Thanks for sharing your ideas. We’ve never celebrated Memorial Day before ~ so I’ve been making a new list myself! I’ll look forward to hearing how you all decide to “mark this moment”!
    Have lots of fun!
    *She Sparkles*

    Cindy Bultema

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