Spring Break Staycation Idea: A Spectacular Outdoor Movie Night

If the weather turns nicer in the next few weeks, here’s a fun Spring Break Staycation idea to have some family fun – Host an Outdoor Movie Night. Last summer our neighborhood organized it’s first outdoor movie night. It was a blast! More importantly, it was easy to pull off. Here’s how it all came about.

One day I was talking to my neighbor and mentioned how fun it would be to host an outdoor movie night for the kids. He mentioned that he had a projector from work that we could use. Score!

From there, the idea took off with different families bringing different things to the party to make it all happen. So, sharing what I learned from our event, here are 5 tips for you to plan a spectacular outdoor movie night for your neighbors, friends or family. (This would also be an awesome kids birthday party idea.)

1. Stay close to home. When choosing a location for your movie event, keep a few things in mind – electricity, light control, bathroom access, and rain. We have an open field near our houses where I was thinking of hosting movie night because we would have a lot of room. However, we would have had to run so many extension cords that the idea was not feasible. So, pick a spot where you have easy access to electricity like your backyard, patio, or even garage. Make sure there aren’t any really bright street lights nearby to ruin your viewing. If you stay close to home the kids can easily run home to use the restroom. If it rains, you’ll want a back-up plan like someone’s garage to move the fun under cover and quickly.

2. It’s all in the equipment. To project the movie you’re going to need a movie player (DVD player or computer); screen, white bed sheet, or side of a house; a projector; and a sound system. For the screen, we just hung a white sheet over the garage door to even out the surfaces. Remarkably, the picture looked amazing. Here’s a link with easy instructions on how to set up the equipment. You can rent equipment but ask around and see if your friends or neighbors have what you need. Keep it inexpensive! Finally, if you have a giant TV, just move it outside for viewing under the stars.

3. Snacks make the party. You can have so much fun with snacks for an outdoor movie party. A gourmet popcorn bar with different flavors or seasonings would be fun. Movie theater-style candy like Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Raisinettes, and Dots will get everyone in the mood. Here’s a post I wrote on Snacks to Spice Up Family Game Night that would work perfect for an outdoor movie night as well.

4. Pick the right movie. Consider the ages of the kids that will be coming and choose a movie accordingly. It could be a classic, a family-friendly movie or a great comedy. Keep in mind that really young kids might not attend because movie night will start after their bedtime. Stick with PG or PG-13 movies to make sure no one is offended or uncomfortable. We watched Despicable Me, one of my favorites. Ask the kids in your neighborhood for suggestions or check out this list of 20 Best Movies for Families from Parenting.com.

5. Delegate. Even if you are hosting or organizing the event, put your neighbors and friends to work. Put one in charge of making the flyer that goes in everyone’s mailbox. Ask everyone to bring extra chairs, drinks, or snacks. Ask houses with an even number address to bring a dessert while odd number houses bring an appetizer.

For more planning, decorating, and snack ideas, check out my post 5 Ideas to Make Family Movie Night More Fun or Family Movie Night Board on Pinterest.

Have you ever hosted an outdoor movie night? Any other tips you can add? What movie did you watch?

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