Small Ways to Say I Love My Family on Valentine’s Day

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In our family, we keep Valentine’s Day low key. I used to get roses but after the cats knocked them over and ate them several times, I no longer receive floral tokens of love. (Rotten cats! Although, when I begin to wonder what value the cats add to our family, I look into their cute little blank eyes and remind myself that every family needs a daily shot of cuteness. However, I like to remind the cats that I can now get my cute cat fixes on the internet, so beware.)

OK, back to Valentine’s Day. We like to celebrate as a family instead of getting a babysitter and we have fun doing little things for each other that say I Love You. Hopefully they will inspire you to do the same.

1. My daughter gets 1 rose from her Dad, which puts the biggest smile on her face. Read our post about the Power of a Flower for your little girl.

2. Can’t find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day this year? No problem. Read about how you can still have some romance at home, with the kids by cooking together dinner and having the kids serve you as waiters with a romantic, candle lit feast. Read how to make it happen.

My husband and I like to cook so this year we are making Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Crumbles and Red Wine Sauce, Cauliflower and Gruyere, and twice baked potatoes. Yummy! Unfortunately, the kids have discovered the joy that is beef tenderloin. I guess we’ll have to share. The days of distracting them with chicken nuggets are gone.

3. We like to try out a new dessert recipe since my family seems to be obsessed with sweets. (Personally I have a salty tooth.) This year we are going to make Red Velvet Heart Cakes.

4. Buy your kids a little gift to go with the mounds of chocolate. A cool necklace like the Itty Bitty Blocks or a new Garfield book seem to do the trick. For younger kids little toys are always a hit and for older kids gift cards for iTunes or the movie theater are always well received.

5. Let the kids eat dessert first on Valentine’s Day. It’s truly a treat that delights.

6. Leave love notes for your kids around the house. I like to tape a Hershey’s kiss or some other candy to a small index card and hide it around the house where the kids will find it. *Handy Tip: Write down where you hid them all so you don’t get ants in your family room a few weeks from now. Although, that might distract the cats from the flowers. Hmmm.

What small acts of love are you going to share with your family this Valentine’s Day?
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