Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for the Kids Table's Kids' Table Decorating Ideas

On Thankgiving, did you ever have to sit at the Kids’ Table? I distinctly remember being banished to the dark, dank basement to eat with the other messy kids on major Holidays. I didn’t like it. So, I was thrilled when I saw’s post on Kids’s Table Decorating Ideas. Some of these ideas are so cute and creative!!!!! If our kids table had looked like this, I would still be sitting there as an adult.

So, get crafting and your kids are sure to be thankful that they aren’t eating in the dark, boring basement.

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Thanksgiving Family Fun Ideas

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Thanksgiving Family Fun Ideas


Looking for some fun ideas to do with the family around Thanksgiving? Here are a few of my favorites as well as some great ideas from other Mom bloggers.

Get Active! Our town hosts a Turkey Trot 1 Mile and 5K race every Thanksgiving morning. While we usually travel out of town to visit family on Thanksgiving so we have never been in town to participate, several of our neighbors run as a family every year. It’s a great way to burn the calories before you pack in the carbs!

cooking with the kids

Bake Up Memories. We have a family tradition on Thanksgiving Day. After we gorge ourselves and the boys go watch football or take a nap on the couch, the women folk go back in the kitchen and make our favorite Holiday cookies. Each person brings their favorite recipe and we bake, bake, bake. (It keeps us awake and standing so we’re burning the Turkey dinner calories, right?)

When we started this tradition it was fun to see what Grandma’s favorite cookie recipe was when she was a kid. Now that she is gone, we still make those cookies to remember her by. The other benefits of this tradition are that everyone goes home with a plate of assorted cookies. Freeze them and pull them out for your Holiday parties. If that’s not a stress-bustin’ tip, I don’t know what is.

Here’s a post I wish I had written! Check out the great A to Z Thanksgiving Family Fun Ideas from Cindy Bultema at the SheSparkles Blog.

Marie at offers some fun ideas for Turkey Bowling and Turkey Bingo. also had some very cute ideas for Thanksgiving family activities. I love the Ornament Exchange idea!

What fun activities does your family do on or around Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving Family Road Trip Essentials


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that means … get out the fat pants! No, I mean ROADTRIP! It is that time of year when we all pile in the car with our suitcases, non-perishable Thanksgiving dinner contributions, and the dog and head out to Grandma’s House for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we’ve made the Thanksgiving Roadtrip to Iowa every year for 10 years, I thought I would pass along a few tips that my family relies on to make the trip go a little easier.

Roadtrip Car Essentials:

Snacks - No messy or crumbly snacks. Unless you want to start an all-you-can-eat snack bar under the back seats. Little, individual size snack bags work perfect. Grapes are good, easy to eat and no peel to worry about. No juice boxes. Put drinks in drip-proof sippy cups or sports bottles so they don’t leak or get squirted everywhere. Tip: If you end up eating breakfast in the car as you head out, make sure you don’t order anything with biscuits. They crumble everywhere! I’m talking to you Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit.

Water Bottles
– Always have a bottle of water in the car. Even if you don’t drink it, it’s nice to be able to rinse off your hands or that binky that fell in the back seat and is now wearing a dog hair fur coat.

Garbage Bag – Always have a bag in the car to throw out trash. Trust us, you don’t want to hold a snotty Kleenex or ketchup covered wrapper or banana peel for 4 hours. (Been there. Done that. Not fun.)

Pillows, Snuggle Buddies, or Neck Wraps – If the stars are aligned and Holiday fortune is smiling on you, your young kids will fall asleep for awhile. (When they are older, they put their iPod headphones on and they may as well be asleep.) While most kids are resilient and flexible, they shouldn’t have to kiss their navel while they are napping. Give them some support.

Antibacterial Wipes/Hand Sanitizer – You have kids. Need I say more?

Boredom Bag – You’ll need plenty of entertainment to keep the kids (and adults) amused during the long car trip. In my next post, I’ll share some ideas on how to fill that Boredom Bag for younger and older kids.

What items do you take on your Holiday Road Trips that you can’t live without?

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10 Ideas for Friday Night Family Fun

Friday Night Family Fun

Friday night rolls around and you want to do something fun with your family, right? However, you’re tired, it’s cold out, and you didn’t plan anything. No worries! Use this list of easy ideas to have some extra special fun with your family this Fall! Best part, you can use whatever you have at home already. No shopping necessary and these ideas work with kids of all ages. Have fun!

    1. Disco Dance Night – Turn the dance music up real loud and dance the week’s stress away. Good fun and good exercise.

    2. Neighborhood Fire Pit – Put the fire pit on the driveway and have the kids round up the neighbors.

    3. Camp in the Great Indoors – Too cold to camp outside? Camp inside. Cook the s’mores in your fireplace.

    4. Family Slumber Party – Put the PJs on, get your sleeping bags, and play games.

    5. Bring Game Night Back– Get those games out of the closet and rediscover some fun.

    6. Family Movie Screening – Make movie night more special by watching yourself on screen. Get out the wedding video or watch the movies you’ve taken over the last few years of the kids and haven’t watched.

    7. Wii Tournament – Challenge the family to Bowling, Raving Rabbids, or Mario Kart.

    8. Bake cookies – Take turns licking the batter and making some favorite recipes. Bake Holiday cookies, freeze them and have them ready for upcoming Holiday parties. Now that’s organized!

    9. Create your Holiday Newsletter – Have everyone write their section for the Holiday newsletter or better yet, film it this year and send out a CD or post the video on People will love seeing 3-year-old Michael talk.

    10. Family Room Picnic – Lay out the blanket, grab your paper plates and eat dinner on the family room floor. A change of routine makes an ordinary dinner seem extraordinary.

What does your family like to do on Friday night to have fun?

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Feliz Dia de los Muertos

day of the dead shrine

It Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead today. It’s a wonderful Holiday that reminds us to remember and cherish the memories of those we have lost. We built our family’s Day of the Dead shrine and tonight at dinner we will have fun talking about what we like most and miss most about our family, pets and friends who are no longer with us.

Read Why I Love Day of the Dead and then read How to Teach Your Kids About Day of the Dead.

Whoever you are remembering tonight, have fun and remind your kids that you are never gone from this earth, if someone remembers you.

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