Say No! to the Back-to-School Blues

My kids were positively gloom and doom this morning when they had to go back to school. (Why does school start so early? Why do I even have to go to school? Ninjas don’t need to learn math. Why don’t you ever buy me any decent pants?) Insert your kids’ favorite whining here.

Now I like a good wine, I mean whine, when it’s me doing the whining. I certainly don’t want to condone the kids’ whiny behavior, but I was thinking of doing something special for the kids this evening to “celebrate” or “ease the pain” of going back to school after the Holiday Break. My plan? Chocolate Fondue! What better way to create a Chocolate Cake Moment than with hot, gooey chocolate?

You can certainly surprise the kids with this treat after school today or maybe on Friday after school to celebrate them getting back into the swing of homework.

Kirchner’s Chocolate Fondue

    1 lb. of your favorite milk chocolate bar (we like Ghirardellis)
    4 oz. dark chocolate bar
    3/4 cup heavy cream (you can use half and half for less calories)
    1 Tbsp. vanilla

Break the chocolate bars into pieces and place in your fondue, hot pot, or double boiler. Keep on a low setting. (If you don’t have any of those, just use a regular pot on very low setting and make sure you keep stirring.) Add cream and stir constantly until chocolate is melted and smooth. (If you are melting this on a stove top, watch the heat. Don’t walk away or the chocolate will boil and be ruined.) Stir in the vanilla right before serving. Then dip away!

Dipping Suggestions (In order of our kids preference):

  • Large marshmallows
  • Sliced bananas
  • Salted pretzel sticks
  • Cubed pound cake
  • Angel food cake
  • Stem strawberries
  • Hazelnut or almond biscotti (more for the adults)

Serves 6

Have fun! What do you do to ease the pain of going back to school for your kids?

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  1. This sounds like a great treat for mama, too :-)

    L Cavalletta

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