The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Child

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This Valentine’s Day why not tell your child you love them … over and over again? I love this adorable Valentine’s Day gift, the Mimicking Monkey Sleep Soother by Cloud b which helps your child fall asleep by playing soft music. But to put the “Ultimate” in Ultimate Kids Valentine’s Day Gift, you can record a voice message as well. So go ahead and sing or whisper “I Love You” and the monkey will repeat as many times as your child likes. Your child or grandchild will love listening to Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandma’s or Grandpa’s voice.

sleeping with monkey

Plus, the Mimicking Monkey is so FLUFFY and cute, I want one! The minute I saw this product, we had to sell it.

This is also a perfect gift to give your child to stay connected when you have to travel for work. Record a message saying “Good Night” or “I Love You” and your child will still fall asleep to the sound of your voice. It’s also a great way to stay connected to your grandchild if you live in another city or state. Need I say more?

This weekend only to help spread the love, save 20% OFF of the Mimicking Monkey Sleep Soother at No coupon needed but hurry and order before midnight, Sunday, Feb. 13th!

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Help Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dark with Dream Cards

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Help Your Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dark with Dream Cards

Another idea we have used at home to help our kids conquer their fear of the dark is to create Dream Cards. (You can see that fear of the dark and failure to fall asleep is a big issue in our house. I’ll try anything to get these kids to GO TO BED!) So here’s the thing … Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick your dream ahead of time? Well, we used that thought as a springboard for our Dream Card ideas. One night we sat down and cut out playing card-sized pieces of thick paper. Everyone in the family then drew pictures of some dreams they wished they would have. Our daughter’s cards involved a lot of horses, picking roses in the clouds, and animals at tea parties. Our son’s cards seemed to have a lot of Star Wars, skiing, and pirates in them. He seems to find chaos and destruction calming before bedtime. Go figure.

When our deck of cards were made, we placed them next to our beds and every night before we went to bed, our kids would choose whichever dream they wanted. They put the card under their pillows and went to sleep imagining their dream. (One of my dream cards involved sleeping through the whole night without my kids waking me up. Ah! Bliss. The kids didn’t find it very amusing. My other dream card involved having my own cabana boy who would make me margaritas, but that’s not important. )

This worked for about a week but again, we had a blast one night spending time together as a family talking about our desired dreams and creating our Dream Cards. Try it one night and let me know how it works at your house.

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Help Your Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dark with Dragons!

Here’s another fun idea we used to help our kids conquer their fear of the dark and go to sleep easier – we created guardians for our beds. While exhausted one night from having to come back into both of our kids rooms one night, we asked them what would make them feel safer in their bedrooms. Both our son and daughter said that something to watch over and guard their beds would be great. So, after using our creative juices, we thought what makes a better guardian of special treasures than a dragon? (I’m sure there is something, but at midnight we couldn’t think of anything better.)

So, the next night we went and got all of our books with pictures of dragons in them. We seem to have a plethora of books with dragons but if you don’t, go to the library and get some. Everyone in the family picked their favorite style for inspiration and then drew a dragon on a piece of paper. We then named our dragons (my dragon’s name is Fiero – very Italian, very hot!) and taped the dragon to the wall near our bed.

Pick any animal, person, or thing that would make your kids feel comfortable. Be creative. My son was considering drawing the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail but ultimately went with a dragon.

Whether this idea helps your kids conquer their fear of the dark or not, we had a blast sitting together at the kitchen table one night drawing and naming dragons. It turned out to be a Chocolate Cake Moment of family fun in my book. Plus, I now have a hot, Italian dragon guarding me at night. Cool! (Click on the picture below to see Fiero in his full glory.)

Dragon drawing

See our other ideas on helping kids conquer their fear of the dark using night lights.

Have you ever done anything similar? Please share.

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Help Your Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dark – Constellation Nightlights

When your kids suddenly become afraid of the dark, it becomes a literal nightmare to get them to sleep. While you feel bad that they are scared, you also know that you still have to wash the dishes, walk the dog, pay the bills, talk to your husband, and maybe throw in a load of laundry before calling it a day. You want to help your child but it is very hard to be empathetic when you know that the monster in the closet is really just the cat attacking a fuzz ball. We have tried a variety of products and ideas to help our kids sleep. Some of these ideas work for a week or two while others seem to truly offer comfort. We’ll give you a new idea every few days to help you discover the magic formula for peaceful a bedtime at your house. Try them out and see which ones stick for your kids.

Twilght Turtle Kids Constellation Night Lightt

Twilight Turtle or Twilight Ladybug Nightlight – My daughter can’t to to sleep without her “turtley” on. She loves the fact that her turtle friend lights up her room and projects stars on the ceiling. For my son, the Twilight Turtle didn’t make him feel that safe but we had some great bonding time together looking at the “stars.” He and I would lie on his bed and look at the stars, looking for Orion’s Belt and the Little Dipper. It was a nice way to spend some quiet time together before going to sleep.

See our other ideas on helping kids conquer their fear of the dark using dragons.

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