5 Unique Photo Ideas to Capture the First Day of School

Every year, the night before school starts, my kids and I pick out their first day of school outfit so they can start the new school year off right. When they were little I got to pick the outfit and of course I made them look super cute (in my opinion). Once they hit second grade though, I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut on what I thought was the best outfit. They hated anything I recommended. “Really, Mom? A skirt!?!”

But for all of the work we put into buying and choosing the first day of school outfit, I soon came to realize that I didn’t put any time and thought into the PHOTO to capture the moment. I usually scrambled to try and get them to pose in front of the door as we were running out the door. Or, I tried to get all the kids to line up in front of the bus while the bus driver impatiently glared at me. Boring! As you can see in my example. So, this year I wanted to plan ahead and creatively capture the moment. I wish I had done some of these when they first started school, but it’s never too late. Here are some creative, unique photo ideas to remember your child on their first day of school.

1. Chalk isn’t just for chalkboards. I love this idea from Kim at TheCelebrationShoppe.com where she writes the grade on the driveway with chalk and then photographs her child from above standing next to it. Click over and see how easy and yet impactful this photo can be. She also has some wonderful Back-to-School printables on her site so definitely check out her site.

2. A Cookie of a Tradition. This idea combines a photo idea and a back-to-school tradition that I’m sure your kids will love. At HowDoesShe.com you’ll find a recipe for a giant chocolate chip cookie that a Mom made for her kids every year. She used frosting to write the grade and year on the cookie and it was a special treat for the kids when they got home from their first day of school. However, it’s also a great photo opportunity to show your child holding the cookie with their grade and date in the photo.

3. Hanging on to Kindergarten. As a fun way to show how much your child has grown, when you take their picture this year, have them hold a framed photo of their first day of kindergarten. It’s funny to see how cute and young they looked when they started kindergarten and how much they have grown since then. Or to show year-to-year growth, have them hold a framed photo of last year’s first day of school photo.

4. Giving Props to Good Photos. TheLittleStyleFile.com has some adorable photo ideas for capturing your kids on the first day of school. I really like KJaneDesign.com’s idea of using shiny, red apples piled up in front of your child. The number of apples equals the grade number.

5. Put a frame on it. I like the Back-to-School frame that Crissy’s Crafts created for her child. It’s easy, you can spend time crafting it with your child, and it’s a wonderful prop for your first day of school photo. A winner!

If you need first day of school printable photo props, Spoonful.com has rounded up 12 cute options. Best yet, they are free!

Finally, for a little humor, I found this photo on Pinterest and loved it. Definitely add a photo of Mom and Dad on the first day of school to your photo albums.

Do you take first day of school photos every year? Any other creative ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to see them!

Check out all of my Back-to-School Tips & Ideas to make this school season fun and easy, or check out my Back-to-School board on Pinterest.

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Mom’s Ultimate Back-to-School Survival Guide

Back-to-School season is in full swing and that means a lot of shopping, planning, and paperwork for Mom. Don’t let this hectic season steal your smile! Over the years we’ve put together some great tips and ideas on how to make the Back-to-School season stress-free and even fun for both kids and parents. Here are some of our top blog posts to help you get the kids back to school with ease this year. Think of it as your Ultimate Sanity- Saving, Back-to-School Guide!

Before School Even Starts

Back-to-School Shopping

First Day of School

School’s in Session

I hope you and your kids have a great school year full of Chocolate Cake Moments!

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8 Easy Back-to-School Money Saving Tips

The Back-to-School shopping season is off and running! Stores have swapped their summer merchandise for fall clothing and back-to-school essentials, so I hope you don’t need any summer clothes anymore. The National Retail Federation estimates that parents of school-age children will spend $635 on back-to-school shopping this year. That’s a boatload of money and I don’t know about you but I would rather keep more of that in my pocket this year.

Back-to-School shopping can be a little daunting but here are some money saving and bargain shopping tips to make this season a little easier on the wallet.

Do you have your school supply list and have you checked it twice?

1. Always have your school supplies list with you. You never know when you’ll run into a bargain somewhere. Start checking off the items as you buy them to avoid duplicates.

2. Only buy what you need. Your kids are constantly growing and while you think their clothes from last year might still fit, they might not. Starting now, have your kids do a fashion show for you to see what in their closet still fits and what can be given away. Now you can make a list of what clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other accessories you need so you don’t over buy.

3. Wait to buy school clothes until after Labor Day. You’ll see more coupons and sales running then. Also, it never ceases to amaze me that after I buy my son new jeans in August, he grows an inch in September. There’s nothing worse than having a bag full of new clothes that your kids suddenly can’t wear. Wait until late September to make sure any last minute growth spurts are out of the way.

4. Search online for coupons to your favorite stores. There are all kinds of coupon sites out there to help you find a code. Don’t forget to check the store’s site directly. Some store sites offer coupons to new customers for signing up for their e-newsletters or listing their own coupons and deals.

5. Conduct a Scavenger Hunt. We just cleaned out our basement and I was amazed at home many unused and even unopened school supplies my kids have brought home every year that were just piling up in boxes out of the way. So, send your kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to see if you have pencils, mostly unused notebooks, rulers, binders, index cards, glue sticks, etc. Why spend the money if you don’t have to.

6. Check second-hand clothes shops or garage sales for kids clothes. Many times, these clothes were never worn and still have the tag on them. Some churches and Moms groups have used clothing sales so keep your eye out.

7. Host a neighborhood kids clothes swap. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids or if you have a lot of friends with kids all different ages, host a clothes swap. Have all the Moms over for some chocolate cake. Tell them to bring their kids’ gently used clothes and see if you can swap. Set up a Yahoo! Group and have your friends and neighbors list their sizes before the swap meet.

8. Finally, remember to write your kid’s name on the tag of their coat/jacket, backpack, lunch bag, etc. Stuff always gets lost but you might have a better chance of reclaiming it from the school Lost and Found box if you label it. Then you won’t have to spend more money replacing items.

So relax, take a deep breath and bring on the Back-to-School Season! Read my other Back-to-School Sanity Saving Tips for Mom for a stress-free season or for some fun ideas, check out my Back-to-School Board on Pinterest.

What other tips do you have for saving money during Back-to-School season?

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Homemade Wreath – Teacher Appreciation Gift

Looking for a unique and memorable teacher’s gift to make for your school art or preschool teacher? How about a fun wreath to decorate the door or classroom? My daughter and I had fun putting this wreath together for an art themed party we had but the wreath turned out so nice we gave it to one of her teachers as a gift.

You’ll Need:

  • A grapevine wreath
  • Colorful ribbon
  • Twist tie or floral wire
  • Art supplies like crayons, colored pencils, paintbrushes, colorful scissors, and maybe a tiny wooden art easel
  • Glue gun

Most of the decorative art supplies were gathered from our own stash so I really only needed to buy the wreath and ribbon.

To assemble:

    1. Tie and knot the ribbon around the wreath to start off. Then keep wrapping the ribbon all the way around the wreath to make a diagonal pattern. Cut the ribbon and tie the loose end to the original knot where you started.

    2. Create a big bow out of the same ribbon with several ends hanging down. Here’s a great video on how to tie a big, beautiful ribbon bow. Attach it to the wreath with the floral wire. (Or you could use the glue gun to glue it. However you might see the glue if your ribbon is sheer.)

    3. Now start decorating with the art supplies. I was able to attach most of the art supplies by inserting them directly into the twisted grapevines or tucking them under the ribbon. For heavier or flatter items we used the glue gun.

Viola! A pretty wreath to give as a homemade end-of-year appreciation gift for your favorite teacher.

Need some more Teacher’s Gift Ideas? Check out:

What gift are you planning to give your child’s teacher this year?

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Family Time Management and Organizational Tips

School has started and everyone in the family is back onto a more consistent schedule, which gives me a sigh of relief. However, even though we are back to that school-year routine, new challenges are cropping up. A flood of school papers and kids’ artwork is coming home weekly and piling up. It’s hard to keep track of all of the after school activities and gear. I’m already bored with making lunches for my daughter and need some new ideas. Finally, it’s like pulling teeth to get the kids to talk about their day at the dinner table. It’s impacting my ability to have FUN!!!!

I figured that I wasn’t the only one facing these challenges so I decided to round up some advice to give us busy families some relief. After all, managing the family schedule and keeping the house organized leaves more time for Family Fun and “Chocolate Cake Moments.” What challenges are you facing now that school has started up again? Please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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