One Last Peeps Easter Cake Idea

I know Easter is over. And I hope you had a fabulous Holiday with your family. My kids and I have one last Easter treat idea to share. You can change the theme, easily. Check out this Easter Kit Kat Cake that I made with my daughter, having fun in the kitchen together.

We were inspired by this post for a Kit Kat Cake from Made in Melissa’s Kitchen.

The cake looked great but we wanted to give ours an Easter flair. Here’s our version, using Peeps:

You need:

Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Frosting
6 Kit Kat bars (4 pieces each)
Bag of Shredded Coconut
Green food coloring
Peeps, robins egg, or jelly bean Easter candy

First we baked a Chocolate Cake using 2 round cake pans. We used our knife to even off the top of one cake so that the top layer would sit a little nicer on the bottom layer. We generously frosted the bottom layer of the cake, then added the top layer and frosted it. We finished up by frosting the sides.

We then split the Kit Kat bars into separate pieces and stuck them to the outside of the cake to look like a fence. Keep them tight together, no gaps.

We took our shredded coconut and added green food coloring to look like grass. Add about 6 drops and mix with spoon. You can keep adding until you get the color green that you like.

Sprinkle the coconut “grass” on the top of the cake so now the top looks like a fenced-in, grassy field. Sprinkle some “grass” along the bottom of the cake as well to cover any chocolate smudges on the plate.

Add candy to make your Easter scene. Put ribbon around the outside of the cake (This looks nice but also helps keep the Kit Kats in place when you move the cake.) Since I’m not very good at tying bows, I just used scotch tape to keep the ribbon together.

What do you think?

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