No School Monday! 10 Ideas to Keep the Kids Amused

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and my kids have both Monday and Tuesday off. What to do? What to do? I know they will be bored by 10 a.m. on Monday so, I’ve come up with a list of 10 things we could do together or they could do by themselves while I work for a few hours. I would share my list with you as inspiration. I hope it helps! Have fun.

1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards. Everyone loves a handmade Valentine’s Day Card, especially Grandma and Grandpa. Give them kids some construction paper, lace, glitter, stickers and whatever else inspires them to create a masterpiece of love. If you still need ideas, check out these from Family Fun Magazine, Kaboose, or Amazing Moms.

2. Movie Marathon. Let the kids stay in their pajamas and pick a theme for a movie marathon. Let each member of the family pick a movie and then make popcorn, bake cookies, or set up an ice cream sundae bar for some extra special movie treats.

Kids Sledding
3. Go Sledding. If you can round up enough kids in the neighborhood, throw a sledding party.

4. Make a Holiday Scrapbook. Take all of those Christmas or Hanukkah pictures you just took and have each child decorate a page to be put in a scrapbook. Everyone will love looking at it next Holiday season.

5. Stage a Wii Olympics Tournament. Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Guitar Hero or Raving Rabbids. Pick your competitive pleasure and play away.

6. Melt some Crayons, Make some Art. We recently came across this craft idea at the From Dates to Diapers blog. Looks like fun.

7. Bake Cookies. Let each child choose their favorite cookie recipe and have fun in the kitchen baking together. My kids love Peanut Butter Blossoms. This isn’t a cookie but these Hot Chocolate Mug Cakes are easy and fun to make on a cold day. Again, not cookies but these Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Hearts from seemed easy and yummy.

8. Host a Tea Party. Get out your pretty hats, scarves, jewelry, tea set, pretty napkins, and invite your child’s friends or stuffed animal friends to join you for a spot of tea. Have your kids decorate the table and serve cookies and “tea” aka root beer for the kids.  By the way, here’s how to choose the perfect kids tea set.

9. Have an Indoor Snowball Fight. Create “snowball” ammunition out of white tissue paper or cotton balls wrapped with saran wrap. Give each team an equal amount. Let ‘em fight it out in the basement or other kid-friendly area of the house. Of course, you can do this outside with real snowballs but if the kids are too cold or the snow isn’t “snowball friendly”, then this is a fun way to bring an outdoor activity inside.

10. Puzzles, Games, or Art Kits. This is the perfect day to “rediscover” some games, puzzles, or art or model kits that have been sitting in the closet ignored. Clear a space for the kids at a table and bring out these forgotten items which will seem like new gifts to the kids.

If the kids are still bored, tell them that they are old enough to learn to clean the bathroom. I’m sure you will see a renewed interest in the other ideas.

Have any cool ideas for how to amuse the kids on days when they are home from school? Please share!

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