Make Some Leprechaun Mischief and Have Fun

When the Leprechauns come, it’s a whole lot of fun. Why? Kids love mischief and St. Patrick’s Day is perfect for some Leprechaun-inspired shenanigans. You can be really creative with the idea that leprechauns play tricks on kids. After all, they are tiny, green, greedy, and grumpy.

At my daughter’s day care a few years ago, her very clever day care teacher decided to have the kids decorate the room for St. Patrick’s Day. When they came back the next morning, the “Leprechaun” had played a trick on them and shrunken all of the decorations to a tiny size. A year later, on St. Patrick’s Day, the kids found the Leprechaun’s pants, coat and underwear in the sandbox. In first grade, my daughter’s class made “traps” or little houses to catch the Leprechaun. However, “he” was too clever and replaced all of their traps with green hats.

Leprechaun letter Leprechaun house
Last year, my daughter wrote a note to a Leprechaun and put it outside by the mailbox. She was thrilled when “he” answered her letter and left a gold, half dollar coin. The following year, she built him a house.

Here are some other cute Leprechaun Shenanigan ideas that you can use to delight your kids.

Leprechaun Traps

Leprechaun Trap Leprechaun trap popsicle sticks did a nice round-up of Leprechaun Traps to catch the sneaky little guy. Use cardboard, legos, popsicle sticks, and even PVC piping to catch yourself a green guy. I like the version from and

Be Sneaky Good
Here is a St. Patrick’s Day family tradition idea I saw over at What I love about it is that the kids get to be sneaky and tricky like a leprechaun, but all in the name of doing something nice for another person. Kids will love doing something nice for their siblings or classmates and seeing if they can guess who did it.

Tricky Feet

Leprechaun footprints
Leprechauns are tricksters and they don’t appreciate anyone trying to take their gold. So, sometimes they retaliate which cracks the kids up. A Differentiated Kindergarten blog does a cute job of destroying her house and leaving little green footprints behind as clues to the culprits. I love the footprints on the toilet.

Leprechaun lunch footprints did a super cute job of “vandalizing” her kids’ lunch. I love the tiny footprints on the sandwich that has been tasted.

Funny Games

I really liked this free printable for the game “Don’t Eat Lucky” from Pink Polka Dot Creations.

More Leprechaun Mischief

There are a lot of super creative Moms online having fun with Leprechaun mischief. I’ve seen posts where they turn their kids’ breakfast milk green, mess up the house, put clothes on their kids toys, turn the toilet water green, and run green ribbon through the house so the kids can barely walk. Some other ideas I’ve seen include leaving a small square of green velvet in the door like his coat got caught, sprinkling gold or green glitter on the floor, and unrolling all of the toilet paper. You can leave little chocolate gold coins at each place of “mischief” so the kids have to hunt for them all.

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