Kids Race Car Birthday Party Ideas

Race cars and race car birthday parties are always a huge hit with boys. There are so many fun ideas! To make Mom look like a hero, I wanted to share some easy ideas for crafts and activities to host the best race car themed birthday party ever. I even through in some fun gift ideas to share with Grandma or the Aunts.

Party Games and Activities

    1. Driveway Race Track. Ask the party guests to bring their fastest Matchbox, Hot Wheel or other car to race at the party. If you have some old race car track from when you were a kid, go ahead and set that up for the race but otherwise, read this post on how to create a race course on your driveway for maximum racing fun. Perfect for 3 to 10 year old kids.


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Easy Decorations for a Michael Jackson Theme Kids Dance Party

My daughter turned 10 years old this past weekend and although I was depressed that both of my kids are in double digits now, I didn’t let that deter me from planning a fun party for my daughter. She wanted a Michael Jackson Dance Party as the theme for her big 1-0 birthday. It was actually incredibly easy to plan and the girls had a blast – the ultimate goal of any party! This week I’ll share a series of posts explaining how it all danced out at our house and how you can easily throw this party for your child. I won’t stop ’til you get enough. In today’s post, decorations! When you see how easy these decorating ideas are, you’ll wanna be startin’ somethin’.


We used black and white as the theme for our decorations. Why so gloomy? Both to pay homage to his song, Black or White and because that is pretty much all the man wore. We concentrated on three decorating areas to create a party atmosphere – the “dance floor,” the hallway as kids walked into the house and the table.

For the dance floor, my daughter made a Welcome Sign out of black poster board and metallic paint markers. I found some images of Michael Jackson dancing online, printed them on our color printer, and taped them to the wall. I didn’t have a disco ball – something I should have rented if I had thought of it earlier - but I wanted to create a dance area in our family room.

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest which inspired me to hang black and white balloons with curling ribbons from the ceiling over our dance area. It was super easy and looked so cool.

On our hallway wall, we took string and created a “clothesline” to hang photos of Michael Jackson. We clipped each photo that I printed onto the line with wooden clothespins. I printed more than one of the image I liked best to create a pattern.

To decorate the table, I covered it in a white plastic tablecloth that would be easy to roll out and toss at the end of the night. I took some black glittery mesh and cut a piece as a table runner down the center of the table. For the centerpiece I took two black and white curling ribbon bunches that I purchased at a craft store and layed them out in the center of the table. I added two black candles sitting on mirrored circles that looked like a flat disco ball. Then I added a plastic fedora hat in the center. Black and white plates, napkins, and cups round it all out. For the final touch, I scattered silver jewels around the table and hung curling ribbon from the light fixture over the table.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing photos of the Birthday Cake with instructions on how to make it, so check back.

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8 Ways to Save Money on Your Kids’ Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties can easily get out of control when it comes to spending. We’ve all seen the extreme examples on TV where parents drop $10,000 or more on their kids party. While I certainly don’t fall in that category, I have been surprised some years by how much we did end up spending on our kids parties, once you added it all up. Sound familiar?

Whether you fall into the camp that believes kids birthday parties are out of control and way to extravagant or not, here are some ideas on how to spend less on your child’s birthday party. That way you can spend that money on something else …. like taking the family out to dinner, hiring a service to clean up after the party, or getting a puppy. (Maybe that’s a little extreme.) Psst! Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to download my FREE Kids Party Planning Worksheet to make planning a breeze.

1. A Scribble is Fine.
I like a beautiful invitation as much as the next person but let’s face it, it’s going into the garbage as soon as the party date has passed. For adults, a party invitation sets the mood for the event. For kids, it just tells Mom when and where to bring her child. So, why not take one of your kids drawings, write the party particulars on the bottom, make copies, and call it a day. Or save even more money and a tree by sending an evite. Above, you can see the invitation my daughter made for her Spa Birthday party.

bday cake

2. Stand Up for the Cake.
For every one of my kids’ birthday, I just make a chocolate cake and then put their toys on the top of the cake to decorate it. Plastic horses, fairies, Star War or Lego guys are all perfect to decorate a cake and make it fit the party “theme.” The kids think it is so cool to show off their favorite toys on the cake. The cake cost me $5.00.

3. More Does Not Equal Better.
Limit the number of kids. Don’t feel like you need to invite every kid in your child’s class or on their sports team or who talked to your child at the playground. More does not equal better for either Mom or the birthday child. Too many kids is overwhelming for all. Only invite the number you are comfortable supervising. My rule of thumb is if I’ve never heard my kids mention a child’s name or met the other child’s Mom, I am certainly not going to ask them to plunk $20 down for a gift for my kid. I certainly don’t like buying a gift for a kid I’ve never heard of, so why would they.

4. Kill Two Birds With One Stone.
Make sure one of your birthday party activities is also the take home favor for the party guests. If you tie dye T-shirts at the party, the T-shirt is their party favor. If you decorate pirate chests, the kids take home a nice pirate chest. If you have a cookie decorating party, the kids take home a bunch of cookies. Don’t buy an extra party favors! You’re covered already. (No birds were harmed in the creation of this tip.)

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Free Download – Kids Birthday Party Planning Guide

I love to plan kids parties. For me, it’s a lot of fun to come up with creative ideas and surprise my kids with a great time. I like being able to customize the parties to the theme that interests them most, whether it be luchadores, mustache parties or my daughter’s soon-to-be Michael Jackson dance party. But it definitely takes some planning to host a fun and memorable kids party. To help me plan my kids parties I put together a party planning worksheet to make sure I don’t forget anything and stay organized. I’d love to share that with you so you can be a party planning super hero!

Please download this FREE Birthday Party Planning Worksheet and I hope your child’s party is a blast!

To see all of my kids party tips and ideas, check out our Kids Party section. You’ll find plenty of ideas on:

You’ll Also Find Great Ideas for:

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Fun Games & Activities for a Themeless Kids Birthday Party

Lots of kids want a theme for their birthday parties, but some don’t. Especially as your kids get older, they tend to be less infatuated with tying their party to their favorite TV show, book, or kids movie. While a theme sometimes makes it easier to plan a party, at least for me it helps keep me focused and not falling in love with every party idea I see. However, throwing a fabulous kids party without a particular theme is lots of fun because you are free to do ANYTHING. Here are some fun decorations, games and craft activities for any kids’ birthday party.

Birthday Banners

It’s fun to surprise your son or daughter when they come down to breakfast or enter their special party room with these felt birthday banners. They are high quality so you can use them year after year for each child.

Craft Activities

I love to do a craft activity at a kids birthday party because a high-quality craft can become the party favor each child takes home. You kill two birds with one stone amusing the kids at the party and providing a nice party favor. No need to buy plastic trinkets to stuff in a bag. Here are some of our favorite themeless kids craft kits, perfect for kids’ birthday parties.

    Create Your Own Wooden Bookmark – perfect for a tween party

    The Melissa & Doug Paint Your Own Wooden Yo-Yo Craft Kit is perfect for boys or girls.

    Cap It Off Jewelry Kit – No matter what theme your daughter picks, jewelry is a perfect craft activity and party favor

    Party Games

    You can’t have a birthday party without games! Here are some great, tried and true games to play with kids of all ages. These are also great “back pocket” games to have in mind if you end up with extra time at your party.

      Freeze Dance – Play some fun dance music then stop the music suddenly to watch the kids freeze. Whoever doesn’t stop fast enough is out, but they get to stop the music for the next round. Here’s some fun kids party music from Racer Steve & Princess Katie, ideal for either boys or girls birthday parties. Perfect for ages 3 and up.

      Bubble Chase – Blow some bubbles and have the kids chase and pop them. Keeps kids giggling for quite awhile. Perfect for ages 2 – 5 years old.

      Scavenger Hunt - Hide some gold coins, plastic action figures, or photos of the kids around the house and have them search. They can take home whatever they find. Perfect for kids 5 and up.

      Limbo - Players need to bend backwards or forwards to go underneath the stick (broomstick, wooden pole) without touching the stick. The player who touches the stick is out. Perfect for kids 3 and up.

      Relay Race – Kids love to run so whether you let them run around an obstacle course in the yard, run between posts in the basement or give them pillow cases or burlap sacks – they’ll have a blast competing for prizes. Perfect for ages 3 – 12, depending on how complicated the race rules are.

      It’s so hard to find a craft activity for tween boys, however, check out my post on How to Make Thumb Wrestlers. My son and his friends loved it at his 11th birthday party.

    What are some of your favorite kids birthday crafts or party games? Please leave a comment and share your idea so we can keep ading to this list.

    Note: I have provided the link for some of the products that I recommended so that you can easily find and buy them. I do receive a small commission if you purchase anything from these links to Amazon. If you do purchase, it does help me to keep this blog and my ideas going. Thank you!

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