Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are two of my favorite Holidays, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Have fun with your families this weekend. (Psst! This was our costume at a Halloween party last weekend. I’ll put up a post next week on how easy it was to put this couples costume together.)

Want to learn more about Dia de los Muertos? It’s not scary and the sentiment behind the Holiday is something I think every family should celebrate. Here are some great books that explain the Dia de los Muertos Holiday to your kids. Then, here’s what you need to know to start a tradition of celebrating Dia de los Muertos with your family.

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The Haunting Hour Themed Kids Halloween Party

Who’s up for a fun, spooky kids Halloween party idea? MommyParties contacted me a few weeks ago to host a party to promote R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour TV series. I was definitely interested since my kids like to read Stine’s Goosebumps books and I was planning on hosting a Halloween party for my kids and their friends, but I wasn’t sure what theme to go with this year. Problem solved, then! I set to work to create a party centered around the Haunting Hour TV episode they sent us, which featured vampires. (Grampires, to be exact. You know, a Grampa who is a vampire.)


We used a lot of our existing Halloween decorations to create a mood for the party. Bats, rats, spiders, and pumpkins helped create a mood. As part of the promotional package for the show, they sent us Team Grampire t-shirts. We put a t-shirt on our full size skeleton for some spooky humor.

I also decorated several tables wtih Scarrots. They are super easy to make. You just take full size carrots and glue on googly eyes or draw on the carrots with a marker. My daughter made one look like a mad scientist. Then put them in a black or Halloween candle holder for some funny, spooky decor.


To start, we spent some time crafting. I had two craft projects for the kids to keep them busy. The first was to create a paper skeleton mask. The kids could color, stamp, bejewel a paper skull to take home and use as Halloween or Day of the Dead decorations.

Or, if they wanted, we glued popsicle sticks to the back to turn the skull into a spooky mask. I had purchased a paper skull decorating kit earlier in the year which was perfect to use for the party, but you can also download this free skull template and use your own craft materials for this easy kids craft idea.

The next craft we worked on was to create spooky wooden peg people. I saw the idea at the Eighteen25 blog and the kids just loved this whole craft idea. I bought the wooden pegs at Hobby Lobby but instead of paint, we used Sharpie markers to create our spooky creatures. As you can see, they were veeeeeery creative.

Our next activity was to watch the Haunting Hour episode that we were sent. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and eat pizza while we watched. Let me tell you the kids were hanging on to the edge of their seats during the episode. Even my 12-year-old son, who felt he was too old to come to the party, came in to watch the show. If you think your kids might be interested in the show, you can watch a sneak peak trailer for Season 3 of The Haunting Hour here.

As our final party activity, we played the Blood Red Donut Bobbing Game. Our local donut shop has great red velvet flavored donuts whose color reminded me of blood. So, it was a natural fit for this vampire party. To play the game, I used black curling ribbon to tie several donuts to a large stick. I then had my husband and son hold the stick up in the air and the kids had to bite the donuts using no hands. Whoever finished their whole donut first won.

To make the game harder, I tried to have the kids use their vampire fake teeth to bite the donuts but they quickly felt the game was hard enough on its own and took their teeth out.


As parting treats, we gave the kids a goodie bag that I made to look like a tombstone. I just purchased small black treat bags and cut the top so it was rounded. We used a white poster paint marker to write R.I.P. on the front. I filled the bags with some of the material that I was sent from MommyParties like fake vampire teeth, glow in the dark wrist slapbands, and Haunting Hour Bumper Stickers. I also included some Halloween candy in the bag.

As a final treat, we sent the kids home with a Vampire Bite Cupcake that my daughter and I made. We saw the idea on Pinterest but we adapted it to make it our own. I made chocolate cupcakes from a mix. I frosted them with store-bought white vanilla frosting. I then rolled the edges of the cupcake in black sugar. Then we used a chopstick to puncture two teeth marks in the cupcake. We then filled the holes with red gel frosting. Remember to gently taper the frosting out of the hole to make it look like the blood is dripping. You could also use a toothpick to pull some of the red gel frosting out of the hole for the same effect.

You can find the original version of the vampire bite cupcakes and tons of other Halloween party ideas on my Halloween Party Pinterest Board.

Thank you to MommyParties and the Hub TV Network for sending us the materials. We had a great party and I had fun putting everything together with my daughter.

NOTE: I was selected to be a MommyParties host as part of a promotional program through MomSelect. However, my opinions and party ideas are my own.

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8 Halloween Classroom Party Ideas

Did you volunteer to plan the Halloween party this year for your child’s classroom? Here are some fun game ideas for elementary school kids that will assure your place in the Room Mom Party Planner Hall of Fame! (These games are perfect for ANY kids Halloween party or scouting troop celebration.)

General tip: Class sizes are so large now that setting up game and craft stations is a must for a classroom party, especially for a Halloween party where kids are bouncing off the walls excited about their costumes and candy. I suggest coming up with 4-5 different activities (games, crafts, reading corner) and rotate the kids through to each station. This way, each volunteer parent or helper running an activity only has 5-6 kids at a time. This keeps the kids a little calmer and makes it easier on the volunteer Moms and Dads.

Most of these games can be adapted for any grade but I’ve indicated where a game might be more suitable for younger or older kids.

Freeze Dance – Always a hit and perfect for all elementary grades. Get some spooky music or fun dance music and let the kids dance. When the music stops, everyone freezes. The last one to stop moving is out. Makes for great pictures or video.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin – Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, cut out a large pumpkin out of oversized orange construction paper. Cut stems out of green construction paper and write each child’s name on the back so you know who’s closest. Use a bandana or scarf as a blindfold, turn each child around 3 times and let them at the pumpkin. Whoever sticks the stem closest to the correct spot wins a prize. You can also Pin the Wart on the Witch using a large photo of a witches face and sticky tack for the wart. Perfect for kindergarten through second grade.

Mummy Wrap – For grades 2-6, the Mummy wrap is a blast. Divide the kids into teams of two – one person is the mummy and one person is the wrapper. Give the wrapper a roll of toilet paper and have them wrap their teammate quickly. Whichever team is done first, wins. For a variation for older kids, once the mummies are wrapped, have a mummy limbo contest. Use a broom stick and have the kids limbo as low as they can go without breaking their toilet paper wrapping.

Costume Creation – For a variation on the Mummy Wrap theme, for 5th or 6th grade kids, divide the kids into teams of 4 or 5. Have one person be the “mannequin” and the rest of the team creates a costume for them out of toilet paper.

Halloween Science Experiment – Instead of a game, try a Halloweenp-themed science experiment with the kids. This spooky, swamp water lava lamp is fun. Have each kid bring in a jar to the party or ask some of the other Mom volunteers to help you collect and clean an appropriate amount of plastic or glass jars. For third grade and up.

Halloween Bingo – I found this cute free downloadable Halloween Bingo game from the Artsy-Fartsy Mama Blog. For something a little spookier, try this Halloween Bingo download from Makoodle.com.

Read a Halloween Story – I love Jerry Seinfeld’s Halloween book. Reading this funny book is good way to get the kids back together and calm them down before the party ends. Want a different Halloween book? Read my post on 10 Great Halloween Books for Kids.

Halloween Bowling – If you have a large hallway to use for your classroom party, try some Halloween bowling. Click on the link to see a variety of options on how to make your own Halloween Bowling set. Have the kids make them in class the week before the party, or Room Moms, you can work on the set with your kids at home.

For additional ideas, read my Kids Halloween Party Planner for ideas on decorations and snack for your party or check out my Halloween Party Board on Pinterest.

Have a great party!

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