6 Fun Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Celebration

Today, March 2nd, would have been Dr. Seuss’ birthday and it’s got me in a Seussical mood. Can you believe that 107 years ago, Theodore Geisel changed the world by teaching children to read, and enjoy it, when he introduced “The Cat in the Hat.” Since he is a HERO of mine, I want to do something fun and silly with the kids tomorrow since we have read and LOVED so many of his books. To keep his memory alive and have fun with the kids, here are 6 ideas I came up with for a Dr. Seuss Celebration.

1. Read and Explore. Dr. Seuss wrote more than 40 books, so pick your favorites or pick one you haven’t read yet and spend some time in the wacky world he created. My favorites are The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Sox, and One Fish, Two Fish. If you don’t have any of your own Dr. Seuss books, no problem, just grab some at the library!

2. Download an App. Are your kids too into technology to read a book made of …gasp, paper? Check out Oceanhouse Media’s interactive Dr. Seuss ebooks, apps and games. While I love books and encourage my kids to read all the time, Dr. Seuss stories just beg to be animated and enhanced which is why I love these interactive stories. I download a few to my Smartpphone and I’ve got entertainment for the kids anytime we are waiting in a restaurant or doctor’s office. Oceanhouse Media is having their annual Dr. Seuss Sale starting today. Download some of their ebooks and games onto your smartphone or ebook reader. Sale runs from March 1st – March 7th, 2013. We bought The Lorax ebook during their sale last year and my daughter reads it all the time on my Nook. I think this year we’ll grab Dr. Seuss ABC’s. Even though my kids are older, they love seeing how they animate and bring the Seuss drawings to life.

3. Plan a Seussical Breakfast. I love cooking with my kids and it’s very easy to entice them into the kitchen to make some Seussical snacks and treats. It’s silly creativity in the kitchen! The Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons created an adorable and easy Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Fruit Pops. This Dr. Seuss breakfast from the Make Myself at Home blog looks delish! If you are having more of a brunch, try your hand at creating The Lorax Babybel Cheese dish. Finally, how can you go wrong with Green Eggs and Ham?

4. Take a Trip to Seussville. This fun website is dedicated to all things Seuss. You and your kids can play games, meet the wacky characters and learn more about the author.

5. Plan a Silly Photo Shoot. There are so many incredibly cute photo booth and photo prop ideas available to take some adorably cute pictures of your kids … (or Mom and Dad. I think my husband would look smashing with a Lorax mustache). Here’s some inspiration for a Dr. Seuss photo booth backdrop and props. You can buy these adorable Dr. Seuss Photo Props as well. You can make these Lorax Mustache Straws for some silly photos as well.

6. Get Crafty like a Fox. There are so many cute Dr. Seuss inspired crafts out there that it was hard to choose just a few. But the Danielle’s Place blog has some cute Lorax crafts that are super easy for kids to make. I love Apples and ABC’s Truffula Trees art. Finally, this Fox in Sox paper bag hand puppet from Vanessa’s Blog would be perfect to make and then read the book out loud with your kids. – See more at: http://www.ptpamedia.com/blog/index.php/2013/03/01/4-fun-ideas-for-a-dr-seuss-celebration/#sthash.3DlOYLZG.dpuf

Which is your favorite Dr. Seuss character or book?

Want some more inspiration? Read my post on Fun Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. Are you on Pinterest? Follow my Dr. Seuss Board on Pinterest to find a lot more craft and recipe ideas to help celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I’m amassing quite the collection.
– See more at: http://www.ptpamedia.com/blog/index.php/2013/03/01/4-fun-ideas-for-a-dr-seuss-celebration/#sthash.xcvQNCd8.dpuf

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Games and Activities for a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? If you’re not, why the heck not? It’s a great reason to invite family and friends over because it’s so EASY – snacks, desserts and a big TV! Have all of the guests bring a snack or dessert and it’s even easier to host a great bash. While the beer ads on TV make it seem like Super Bowl Parties are for adults only, it’s really easy and fun to host a Super Bowl party that both kids and adults will love. Here’s an earlier post I wrote with easy decorating and food ideas for a football-themed party. (I’ve got a ton more ideas for food and decorations on my Sports Party Pinterest Board. Feel free to check it out and repin your favorites.)


Cut some football shapes out of brown construction paper. Have everyone write their name and prediction for the final score of the game on a paper football. Throw the guesses into an upside down football helmet. At the end of the game give a prize to the closest guess.

Grab some nerf or small footballs and place them in a basket by the door. If the weather is good, have everyone burn some energy outside by playing catch. If the weather is bad, try your garage or basement. Make it even more fun by cutting a hole out of a giant box and host your own half-time competition to see who can throw the ball through the hole to win a prize.

Print out this Tic Tac Toe Bingo Game for little kids from the One Charming Party blog. Use candy or little plastic football guys for the game markers. For older kids with longer attention spans, try this Football Bingo Game from the Studio DIY blog.

Kids bored with watching the game? Have them create their own team pennants. Buy some large foam sheets in different colors and cut them into a long triangle shape. Buy some stick and peel foam letters and shapes to let the kids decorate. Or, print out this template for a football helmet from SuperMomMoments.com and let the kids use crayons, markers and glitter to decorate their own team helmet.

Since I’m a Chicago Bears fan and they are NEVER in the Super Bowl, I usually find the ads more exciting than the game. So, I loved these Rate the Super Bowl Ads free printables from StudioDIY.com. Come on, you know you love judging the creativity of the ads!

Have the kids make up their own cheer. Give them some pom poms and have them practice their routine in the other room. During commercial breaks have them come in and do their cheers for the adult audience. This makes for good video moments!

Touchdown cash/candy game. When everyone comes in the door have them put a dollar in the cup. As everyone is sitting around watching the game, have one person hold the cup for the first play. If there is a touchdown on that play the person holding the cup gets to keep everything as their prize. If there is no touchdown, they pass the cup to the next person for the next play. Keep passing the cup until a team scores and someone wins. After the win you can decide to fill the cup again and keep playing. I usually play for just one quarter of the game. More than that and it’s too much work to coordinate. For kids, you can fill a separate cup with candy and have the kids play amongst themselves. (Older kids might want the cash so decide how you want to coordinate the game.)

Finally, get those buckets of legos out and have the kids build the biggest goal post they can out of legos. Keep in mind, any of these games and activities would also be great for a football-themed birthday party.

Are you having a Super Bowl Party this year? What are some of your favorite snack or game ideas?

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Creative Football Party Decoration and Food Ideas

The college and NFL football seasons have kicked off, fall weather is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to throw a family-friendly Football Themed Party. We had family in town last weekend to see the Iowa Hawkeyes play at Soldier Field in Chicago. It was a blast! But afterwards, I realized that I should have made some football themed cupcakes or decorated the house for our football weekend. So, to inspire myself for a future football party, I found some super creative ideas online. Whether you’re throwing a party for family and friends to watch that special game or you have a child who’s dying for a football themed birthday party, you’ll score big with these party ideas. Psst! I have a lot more Football Party ideas on my Sports Themed Party Board on Pinterest. Check those out, too.


    These free football party printables from the Hostess with the Mostess blog are awesome. She has some good looking snack recipes on the site as well so check those out.

    These aren’t free but I love the retro design to these Football Party Printables from LilSugar.com.

    How cute are these football juice box covers! Kate at the AndEverythingSweet blog tells you how to make them.

    Football party table decorations

    Jackie Fo shows how to grab some Astroturf flooring from your local Home Repair and Hardware Store to make a cool looking tabletop on her blog. She has some really cool decorating ideas so check out her site.

    You’ll find some great kid-friendly decoration ideas here, as well.


Which idea would you make at your next football themed party? What are your ideas for hosting a football themed party?

I’ll share ideas for games and activities for your football party in my next post, so check back. Or, I have a lot more football and sports themed party ideas on my Sports Party Pinterest Board. Come follow me and get pinspired!

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5 Ideas to Make the Fourth of July Holiday Even More Fun

Backyard golf course

The Fourth of July is the pinnacle event of the summer. You usually get a few days off and this Holiday always seems to really drive home the fact that summer is in full swing. BBQs. Picnics. Family Reunions. The local parades and the firework shows are always a good time. But after you’ve done the typical Fourth of July activities, you still have a day or two off to have some fun with the family. This year the Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday and it’s messing with everyone’s schedule. Do you celebrate this weekend? Next weekend? Which days do you get off of work? It’s all across the board this year.

However and whenever you decide to take some time to be with your family, here are 5 creative ideas to have fun on or around the Fourth of July. If you have friends or relatives coming over to enjoy the Holiday, you’ll be sure to have a blast with any of these ideas. (And look like the coolest family on the block!)

    1. Tee Up in the Backyard. Take a look around your yard and envision a course where you, the kids, and some friends can have fun putting and chipping around obstacles. Give prizes out for closest to the cup, hole in one, ball still on the grass, etc. Here’s everything you need to create your own backyard golf course.

    Backyard camping

    2. Backyard Campout. Grab your tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, and get ready to camp out in the comfort of your backyard. You can catch fireflies, make s’mores, create shadow puppets and tell scary stories all night. (I love camping in the backyard because I get to use my own bathroom!) This would be so much fun to do on the evening of the 3rd or 4th of July if your town is having a fireworks show. You might be able to see or definitely hear the celebration. Read these tips for the perfect backyard campout.

    3. Rev your Engines. Grab your favorite toy cars or spend some time making one and then let the races begin. Here’s a super fun way to turn your driveway into a racetrack for some summer fun. There are even creative ideas for race car themed snacks to make it a party.

    Beach party

    4. Host a Beach Party! Are family and friends coming over on the Fourth of July to celebrate? Bored with the same old red, white, and blue decorations? Why not use a beach party theme this year for something a little different? Check out these creative and yet easy ideas for a beach party including decorations, games, activities, and yummy food.

    5. Let the Olympic Games Begin. Get a jump start on celebrating the Summer Olympic Games by hosting your very own competition. You can spend a lot of time setting up and thinking about the challenges or you can just use what’s in your backyard already. Look through your garage to find some games and “obstacles” that you can use to create competitions for your kids and their friends. Use your creativity and make the games as silly as you want. Here’s a list of kid-friendly, Olympic game ideas to inspire you, as well as Olympic-themed craft ideas, decorations, recipes, and of course prizes.

What are your plans for having fun during the Fourth of July Holiday? Hosting any parties or family get-togethers?

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Fun Dessert for a Family-Friendly Cinco de Mayo Party

We invited some friends over for a casual Cinco de Mayo party last weekend and we had a blast catching up with our friends and letting the kids have fun. We kept the food simple, so we could have more time to enjoy our Queso Fundido and Margaritas. (Which we greatly enjoyed, by the way.) We put the kids to work making their own dessert, Ice Cream Banditos, which was a huge hit! I mean “un exito bien grande!” So, I wanted to share how to make this fun treat.

These ice cream banditos are easy, tasty, and they kept the kids occupied. They’re perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party, Mexican Fiesta or just summer day dessert. All you need is ice cream, tootsie rolls, M&Ms, marshmallows and edible markers. It was a blast to make.

You’ll need:

  • Jumbo size marshmallows
  • Regular size marshmallows
  • Edible food markers – I bought mine online from Foodoodler
  • Tootsie rolls – we used the size up from midges to make a larger mustache
  • M&Ms
  • Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Optional Waffle bowls – if you want to keep the calories down, just use a small bowl for the ice cream

Step One: Make Your Sombrero

    1. Cut a jumbo size marshmallow into three circles to serve as the bottom of the hat.
    2. Cut a regular size marshmallow in half width-wise for the top of the hat. You can use the whole marshmallow but then it gets kind of tall and you need two “sticky” ends to keep your hat together.
    3. Stick the two “sticky” or cut ends of a jumbo marshmallow circle and a half of the regular marshmallow to make your hat shape.
    4. Now, use the edible markers to decorate your hat. The more colorful the better.

Step Two: Make Your Mustache

    1. Microwave a tootsie roll on high for 15 seconds.
    2. Now that it is soft, bend it into your mustache shape.
    3. Let it cool and reharden for a minute.

Step Three: Make Your Bandito

    1. Put a large scoop of vanilla ice cream in your waffle bowl.
    2. Add M&Ms for the eyes.
    3. Apply your mustache
    4. Put a hat on it.

The girls gave their banditos more of a handlebar mustache but they still look super cute. If you make one, please upload a photo on our Facebook Fan page. I’d love to see your creations!

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