Memorial Day Weekend Family Fun

memorial day parade

It’s going to be nice outside in Chicago this Memorial Day weekend – Yeah!!! So, I’ve been trying to put together a few ideas of things we can do outside as a family. We’re going to ride our bikes over to watch our local Memorial Day Parade. (Psst! Like how my daughter turned her bike into a horse? We sell the Handlebar Horse Bike Accessory at

Then, we’re definitely going to go for a bike ride/ picnic through the forest preserve to feed the new duckies.

We’re going to meet up with another family for dinner one night where we can eat al fresco. (I’m going to finally get to see Iron Man 2, but that has nothing to do with outside. I’m just really looking forward to finally seeing a grown-up movie.)

My daughter built a toad cottage and wants to hunt for toads but I don’t know how successful we’ll be. Toads seem to have this magic ability to only be found when you don’t want to find one. Darn you, Toads!

But as I was cruising around the web this morning I came across this post on the TeachMama blog that I had to share as a great outside fun idea. Amy, the author, calls it a Backyard Rainbow Hunt and I call it a great way to spend time outside enjoying nature and making something together.

What are you going to do for fun this weekend? Whatever you decide to do, have fun with your family! Happy Memorial Day!

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Weekend Fun Idea: Create Your Own Family Holiday

At a loss for ideas this weekend to have fun with your family? Memorial Day is in two weeks but that’s just too long to wait. We want something to look forward to NOW. Why not create your own Family Holiday? We all love holidays right? Special foods, special activities, time spent with people we love (or at least like.) Maybe you don’t get to take off of work for your own invented Holiday, but any reason to celebrate ranks high on the family fun meter.

Check out the post we wrote on How to Create Your Own Family Holiday.

Some new ideas I have this year are:

Chocolate Festival – Have chocolate at every meal. Figure out how to add chocolate to every dish you eat that day. Search for recipes online for inspiration.

Our Family Gives Back Day – Spend the day helping out various charities. Call some of your local charities and ask if there is something you can do as a family to help out.

Family Adventure Day – Grab a map with a 2 hour driving radius from where you live. Have one of the kids close their eyes and stick a pin into the map. You now have a destination for your adventure. Look up the town on Google and see what interesting things or restaurants there might be in that town and head out to discover a new place.

Maybe if your family holiday idea really takes off, Hallmark will start creating greeting cards for it.

What ideas do you have for creating your own Family Holiday? They can be funny. We like funny.

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One Mother’s Day Celebration for Me, Please!

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m looking forward to it. I have to admit, I didn’t use to. For a couple of years when my kids were toddlers, without fail my children would act their absolute worst on Mother’s Day or my birthday. The minute we walked into a restaurant to celebrate or tried to have a nice, relaxing breakfast at home, my kids would decide to explore and hone their obnoxious, whiny skills. Because really, what better day to bring your “A game” or what better way to really test how much your Mother loves you, than to act like a poop on Mother’s Day?

However, we’ve grown out of that stage and I really do like having fun with my kids on Mother’s Day. We have a tradition at our house that I love. Read about My Mother’s Day Tradition to get some ideas on how to have fun with the family on your very Special Day! While you are reading, I’m going to go find some paper and start a petition to get every day declared Mother’s Day. Wish me luck!

What do you like to do on Mother’s Day?

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How to Throw a Funny Baby Shower

April Showers Bring Funny Baby Showers
Do you have a love/ hate relationship with Baby Showers? Sure, it’s wonderful to celebrate a new life coming into the world and a major life change for one of your friends or family members, but they can also be mind-numbingly boring. In my easily-bored opinion, there needs to be more entertainment and laughter at these events. Eating finger sandwiches and watching M2B (Mom-to-Be) open yet another onesie gift is not cool for anyone. The best way to show your love and support is to show the guest of honor a good time. She’s feeling large, overwhelmed, scared, and puffy. (It’s not the itching and the scratching, but the chafing that gets you cranky.)

So, how do you throw a Baby Shower that will have everyone in smiles? We have some fun ideas on how to make it a memorable occasion for Mom-to-Be and all of the attendees.

They have some very funny games at

In addition, they listed some of these games to play on their site:

Baby Limbo: Strap a pillow around your waist and see who can bend the farthest (not recommended for mom to be)

Bottles Up: Especially if you are throwing a couples shower, fill some baby bottles up with beer, and see whcih guy can “suck” the fastest. Women can certainly play too or use tropical fruit juice.

My Water Broke: Hand out an ice cube to each couple and let them use their imagination to see how fast they can get their water to “break.”

At my baby shower, we played Name The Baby Food. The hostess bought a bunch of baby food jars and took the labels off. Everyone had to guess what was in them. Let me tell you how hard it is to guess whether the green mush is peas or green beans. Loser has to eat the food. (Some of it is not bad!)

If you like conversation games, Box Girls’ Mini Baby Shower Box of Questions Game is a good game. The questions will have you laughing and doubting your friend’s parenting abilities.

Design Your Own Baby: Have the guests split into teams and give each 3 baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Have them cut out pieces of different baby qualities and put together a picture of what they think the Mother-To-Be’s baby will look like. Have the Mother-To-Be pick which baby would possibly look like hers the best! Give prizes to the winning team! One of the top baby shower games! Of course, you can make this “collage” very funny depending on which pictures you use and how you “put” the baby together on paper.

Pin the Sperm on the Egg Game is pretty darn funny.

If you are going to sit and watch the M2B open gifts, get her something funny to lighten the mood. Everyone loves funny baby gifts!

Note: This has nothing to do with funny but I liked them. If you are in a crafty mood, these baby shower favors from DesignerGirl007, are wonderful.

Have any tips on how to make a Baby Shower more fun? Tell us. We’d love to hear some new ideas.

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St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun Ideas

Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day. Normally, I would have said “So, what?” I’m not Irish, I don’t look good in green, and I was never very much into hanging out in a bar all day and getting blasted in the name of a Saint. However, slowly there seems to be a clever Leprechaun in charge of PR for the Holiday who has been building awareness of the fun you can have on this day with your kids. So, now I’m into it … for the kids. I’m still not Irish, wearing green or getting blasted in the middle of the work week.

Kids, at least my kids, seem to love the idea of the tiny, green being tricksters. You can have a lot of family fun and be really creative with the idea that leprechauns playing tricks on kids. At my daughter’s day care a few years ago, her very clever day care teacher decided to have the kids decorate the room for St. Patrick’s Day. When they came back the next morning, the “Leprechaun” had played a trick on them and shrunken all of the decorations to a tiny size. A year later, on St. Patrick’s Day, the kids found the Leprechaun’s pants, coat and underwear in the sandbox. In first grade, her class made “traps” or little houses to catch the Leprechaun. However, “he” was too clever and replaced all of their traps with green hats.

leprechaun letter
My daughter wrote a note to a Leprechaun this year and put it outside by the mailbox. She was thrilled when “he” answered her letter and left a gold, half dollar coin.

Here are some other cool ideas to have fun with the kids on Wednesday.

Have fun! If you make a leprechaun trap, send us a photo. We’d love to post it.

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