5 Ways to Make Family Game Night More Fun

Family Game Night

Is your Family Game Night feeling a little stale? The kids aren’t that excited about it anymore? Or, do you have a hard time convincing the family to even have a Game Night? Here are 5 ideas to inject a little more fun and creativity into your family’s special evening.

1. Put on a Costume.

Why just play a game when you can play the game in a silly way? For example, if you are playing a pirate game, have everyone wear pirate hats or eye patches. If playing the Snorta animal game, wear an animal mask. Make them out of paper plates before the game begins.

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Games and Activities for a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? If you’re not, why the heck not? It’s a great reason to invite family and friends over because it’s so EASY – snacks, desserts and a big TV! Have all of the guests bring a snack or dessert and it’s even easier to host a great bash. While the beer ads on TV make it seem like Super Bowl Parties are for adults only, it’s really easy and fun to host a Super Bowl party that both kids and adults will love. Here’s an earlier post I wrote with easy decorating and food ideas for a football-themed party. (I’ve got a ton more ideas for food and decorations on my Sports Party Pinterest Board. Feel free to check it out and repin your favorites.)


Cut some football shapes out of brown construction paper. Have everyone write their name and prediction for the final score of the game on a paper football. Throw the guesses into an upside down football helmet. At the end of the game give a prize to the closest guess.

Grab some nerf or small footballs and place them in a basket by the door. If the weather is good, have everyone burn some energy outside by playing catch. If the weather is bad, try your garage or basement. Make it even more fun by cutting a hole out of a giant box and host your own half-time competition to see who can throw the ball through the hole to win a prize.

Print out this Tic Tac Toe Bingo Game for little kids from the One Charming Party blog. Use candy or little plastic football guys for the game markers. For older kids with longer attention spans, try this Football Bingo Game from the Studio DIY blog.

Kids bored with watching the game? Have them create their own team pennants. Buy some large foam sheets in different colors and cut them into a long triangle shape. Buy some stick and peel foam letters and shapes to let the kids decorate. Or, print out this template for a football helmet from SuperMomMoments.com and let the kids use crayons, markers and glitter to decorate their own team helmet.

Since I’m a Chicago Bears fan and they are NEVER in the Super Bowl, I usually find the ads more exciting than the game. So, I loved these Rate the Super Bowl Ads free printables from StudioDIY.com. Come on, you know you love judging the creativity of the ads!

Have the kids make up their own cheer. Give them some pom poms and have them practice their routine in the other room. During commercial breaks have them come in and do their cheers for the adult audience. This makes for good video moments!

Touchdown cash/candy game. When everyone comes in the door have them put a dollar in the cup. As everyone is sitting around watching the game, have one person hold the cup for the first play. If there is a touchdown on that play the person holding the cup gets to keep everything as their prize. If there is no touchdown, they pass the cup to the next person for the next play. Keep passing the cup until a team scores and someone wins. After the win you can decide to fill the cup again and keep playing. I usually play for just one quarter of the game. More than that and it’s too much work to coordinate. For kids, you can fill a separate cup with candy and have the kids play amongst themselves. (Older kids might want the cash so decide how you want to coordinate the game.)

Finally, get those buckets of legos out and have the kids build the biggest goal post they can out of legos. Keep in mind, any of these games and activities would also be great for a football-themed birthday party.

Are you having a Super Bowl Party this year? What are some of your favorite snack or game ideas?

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Start a Family Game Night Club

Family Game Night Games

Here’s an idea for some family fun. Does your family like to play games? Do you know other “gaming” families? Why not start a Game Night Club? I have been trying to start a Gourmet Club with some friends in my area where we would get together every other month to cook, gnosh, and have fun over fabulous food. It would be a great excuse to actually start making those recipes I pull out of my food “porn” magazines. But it got me thinking about a Game Night Club as well. It would save you money since you wouldn’t be going out, you can include the kids so no sitter needed, and you can use the games you already have in your closet. Well, put like that, what are you waiting for?

Here’s how it would work:

    Find 2 or 3 other families to join and pick a consistent date to get together like the third Sunday of every month or the first Saturday of every quarter so that it is easier for people to keep their calendars clear. Consistency makes it easier to plan and creates anticipation.

    Choose a host for the first Game Night. You can rotate houses going forward so you only have to clean your house every now and then. The host family provides drinks and a snack. Other families bring a snack to share, as well. Set up a kids game table and an adult game table, if you want, especially if you have big age gaps in the attendees where you need more age-appropriate games. You can also have several tables set up around the house with different games and adults and kids alike can travel from table to table as the games are completed. Try to make sure that no one is sitting out at any time. That leads to boredom which leads to unruliness which leads to a ruined evening. (You know I’m talking about the adults here, right?)

    Get some prizes for the winners or inexpensive little trinkets for everyone to get in a festive mood. Candy bars, ribbons or medals, and small drink umbrellas seem to make everyone feel like a winner.

    Finally, the host family gets to pick the games. Not everyone will like every game but that is part of the experience – trying new games or playing a game you never would have chosen yourself. When you host, it’s your choice. However, the guests do get some veto power. Anyone can ask to stop a game, but at least one or two others have to agree that the game is lame and then you can move on. Over time you’ll start to recognize the types of games that work well for the personalities and preferences of the group.

Most importantly, have a good time.

Stay tuned, on Friday, we are going to announce a Family Game Night Giveaway. It will be the perfect prize to get your Family Game Night Club started.

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Spice Up Family Game Night with Some Awesome Food

game night snacks

To make your Family Game Night extra special, you need to add some great food. Really, that rule applies to anything but there are some special considerations for choosing the best Game Night food offerings. Are you eating dinner while playing or just looking for some snacks? Are you going to take breaks during game play to eat or gnosh while playing? If you are eating while playing, make sure your food offerings are easy to eat with your hands and are non-greasy. The last thing you want is to get grease stains all over the cards or have your favorite game smell like buffalo sauce for the next 12 years. If you are going to take a break between games to eat, then anything goes.

Here are some suggestions for spicing up your Game Night with the perfect food pairings.

Keep it Simple
If Family Game Night is on Friday after a long work week and you are just looking to unwind, keep it low maintenance by ordering in pizza, making chocolate chip cookie bars, or setting up an ice cream sundae bar. (Read my post on how to set up an awe-inspiring ice cream sundae bar.) Indulge in your favorite munchies like popcorn, Chex Mix, or movie theater style candy boxes. Grab some of those gourmet popcorn toppings to literally spice up your snacks.

If I am out and about on Game Night day I like to stop by my favorite Mexican restaurant and get some guacamole and chips and salsa to go. Nothing says Fiesta! like chips and salsa.

If you are inviting friends over, keep it simple by having everyone bring either a dessert or snack to share.

A Little Extra Effort
If you are feeling more inspired, try out some of those appetizer recipes you keep marking in food magazines and then never making. Game Night is the perfect excuse. Here are some recipes I’m dying to try:

Barbara Beery always offers some great kid-inspired and easy-to-make recipes. I’m dying to try these Popcorn Cupcakes for some baking fun with my kids. Check out her blog for other kid-friendly recipes.

Guy Fieri's Ham and Swiss Pretzels
Guy Fieri’s Ham & Swiss Pretzels look awesome and could count as dinner.

Rachel Ray’s Spicy Pigs in Blankets with Chimichurri Dip.

Finally, Giada’s Shrimp and Beef Skewers with Soy, Scallion Butter looked so delish.

Do you have a killer appetizer recipe that you always make when you are invited to a party where you need to bring a dish? It’s easy, everyone raves about it and asks for the recipe but you only get to make it once a year because NO ONE EVER INVITES YOU ANYWHERE! (Hint, hint people!) Well, Game Night is the perfect excuse to make it just for yourself. Here’s my “Go To” appetizer recipe that people always rave about.

Don’t Forget the Drinks
For the adults, have some beer in the fridge, make a pitcher of margaritas, or try out that new drink recipe you’ve been oogling. (See Rachel Ray’s site for some great drink recipes.) Don’t leave the kids out, though. Make non-alcoholic versions of the new drink recipes for the kids. Or, let them have a special drink they don’t normally get. My kids rarely get juice boxes or soda so Game Night is special to them because they can have these high-calorie drinks. Or, make homemade milk shakes. Always a kid pleaser.

What is your favorite recipe for Family Game Night? Please leave us a comment and share.

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5 Ways to Make Family Game Night More Fun

Family Game Night

Is your Family Game Night feeling a little stale? The kids aren’t that excited about it anymore? Or, do you have a hard time convincing the family to even have a Game Night? Here are 5 ideas to inject a little more fun and creativity into your family’s special evening. (By the way, to help spice up your Family Game Night, we’re offering a 20% discount on all family games at www.ChocolateCakeClub.com. Sale ends January 31, 2011. Grab some today and be ready to play next weekend!) (more…)

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