Kids Travel Boredom Bag Ideas

You’ve been in the car for five minutes and already the kids are bored. You cringe. Or, you are sitting in the airport when they announce another 30 minute delay. You almost sob at the prospect of having to amuse the kids so they don’t declare mutiny and take over the news stand. Never fear! Just have your kids grab their Boredom Bags and your travel adventures won’t go south on you.

What is a Boredom Bag, you ask? Each child (and even adults) should have a bag that they bring in the car or plane filled with fun activities to keep them amused while traveling. It is a lifesaver for all of the delays and unpredictable events that are bound to occur when you are on the go.

Here are some ideas for your kids’ boredom bags.


wheres the bone book
Babies don’t need much in terms of toys in their bags. Pacifiers, snacks, and bottles seem to do the trick for most babies while traveling. However, you can certainly bring some teething toys, or crinkly sensory toys, or soft books.


    spring fling art to go folio

  • Art-to-Go Folios – crayon and paper sets that are easy for little hands to carry
  • i get around travel book

  • Board books about traveling
  • Lovey or stuffed animal, like a Zoobie Pets – these 3 in 1 Travel Companions are a pillow, blanket and toy all in one.


    • DVDs to play on your laptop or DVD player
    • Small toys like Animals, Elves, Knights, Army Men, Playmobil guys, or Sports Action Figures
    • Sticker Play Scenes – Remember the old Colorforms we used to play with? Well, they are back with some fabulous scenes that will keep kids amused. You can find these at most book or toy stores.
    • Fun Kids Music
    • Lacing Cards
    • Travel Bingo – a classic!
    • Pipe Cleaners or Wiki Sticks – no mess and kids can spend hours making shapes and objects


    • Magnetic Tin Dress Up Sets-Dress up Robots, Fairies, World Travelers, Monsters, and Princesses. Mudpuppy Press makes the best! Perfect for travel since the pieces stick to the magnetic box.
    • Activity Backpacks that have built in games, puzzles and crayons
    • Comic Books
    • If your kids can read in the car, get them some fun adventure books like 39 Clues, The Sisters Grimm, Harry Potter, Lightening Thief, or Skulduggery Pleasant . If they get sick reading in the car, get them on audio tape. Even Mom and Dad will enjoy listening to the fun stories.
    • DVDs or computer games (Leapster, Gameboy, etc.)
    • Pipe Cleaners or Wiki Sticks – no mess and kids can spend hours making shapes and objects
    • Travel Journals
    • my first sewing kit

    • Craft kits like sewing kits, knitting, or counted cross stitch

    What’s in your Boredom Bags?

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    3. GREAT ideas Sue! We aren’t going away for spring break but flying to Florida in May. I’ll be sure to add a few more things to my son’s carry on!

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      Kids Travel Boredom Bag Ideas – Chocolate Cake Moments

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      Kids Travel Boredom Bag Ideas – Chocolate Cake Moments

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