Kids, Have Some Fun at the Farmers Market

kids at Farmers Market

Today’s summer activity for kids, #4 in our 51 Summer Family Fun Activities series, is a trip to your local Farmer’s Market. Why? Fresh food, fresh air, and dogs.

I love Farmers Market Season. Browsing the Farmers Market stalls on a lazy Saturday morning is one of my absolute favorite summer traditions. I bring the family, the dog, and my iced coffee and enjoy myself. We’re together, outside in the sunshine, discovering new foods, promoting local farmers, and exercising by walking the neighborhood. (That’s almost an overload of family goodness, but we deal.)

Farmers Market

But don’t think of it as a grocery run! At our Farmers Market there’s live music, food samples, dogs, dogs, and more dogs. The kids love the entertainment value. With a little creativity, a trip to the Farmers Market can be an adventure for your kids.

Here’s how to make it more fun:

farmers market set

1. Shop. Give the kids a bag and let them buy their favorite foods. Have them ask the vendors which fruits and vegetables are best in each season, where they are grown and how best to prepare them.

2. Learn. Give your kids a small notebook or “Adventure Guide Book.” Have your kids visit each stall and identify a food they like best. Have them write notes in their book on who they met, which foods they tasted and liked or didn’t like, and where the farm is located.

3. Hunt. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids. Have them find an item for every letter of the alphabet or find as many colors as they can. Find something from another state. Find 5 raw foods and 5 cooked.

4. Count. If your kids are a little older, give them some money to shop on their own. Have them see how much they can buy with their limited budget. It will help teach them to make choices and count out their money.

5. Photo Contest. You can take some great photos at a Farmer’s Market. The colorful flowers, produce and people make for some interesting snapshots. Give the kids a digital camera or small disposable camera and let them have at it. It’s fascinating to see what they found interesting and how they shot the picture. Give a prize at the end of the trip for the funnies, most unique, or most colorful photo. See the photos my daughter took of all of the dogs we met at the Farmers Market.

Now, go home and enjoy the fresh taste of summer!

Do you take your kids to the Farmer’s Market? What do they enjoy the most?

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