Inspiration for Kids’ Lunch Box Love Notes

Want to give your kids a “Chocolate Cake Moment” today? Send them to school or preschool with a lunch box love note. I love throwing a little note, joke, drawing, or something special into our kids’ lunch boxes to remind them that my husband and I are thinking of them. My 6th grade son still likes to find a surprise note. My daughter told me that even though some kids make fun when they see a lunch box note from Mom in a classmate’s lunch box, she says it makes kids smile inside and feel special. It’s such an easy way to add a smile to a kid’s day. (Try it on your husband too. He may love it!)

However, some days it’s just too hard to be creative or author the perfect note. If the coffee hasn’t kicked in it’s hard for me to even write legibly. So, I decided to ask for a little help and inspiration. Last year, we ran a contest asking people for lunch box love note ideas. There were some great ideas on how to send your kids a long distance smile. From words of encouragement to reminders to knock-knock jokes and even funny drawings, there are so many cute ways to say “I Love You.”

We compiled all of your ideas and divided them into categories as inspiration. The list was so long that I’m only going to list some of my favorites here by category but if you want more inspiration, you can see all of the ideas here. Happy note writing!

Declaration of Love: Let me count the ways

  • “For my honey … some extra cookies to share with your friends. Love you!”
  • “U R My Sunshine!”
  • “Mommy loves you to the moon and back!”

Notes of Encouragement

  • “You are my shining star, Brighter than any in the sky by far!”
  • “Hey Sweets- I know you will ace your test today! You make me proud everyday!”
  • “Good Luck on your test! I know you can do it!”
  • “Wow Them!”

Missing You

  • “No, I miss YOU more”!
  • “Thinking of you, anything good going on?”

Reminders: Don’t forget …

  • “Please be good…mommy loves you! p.s. remember to eat all your real food before you start on dessert.”
  • “Just remember, there’s a kiss in your hand if you need it.”
  • “Remember to listen, watch, learn and love…”

Funny Notes: Make ‘em laugh

  • “I would take a bite out of a sandwich or snack, then put in a napkin, and on the napkin write:
    “Oh! There was a mouse in your lunch! Hope you don’t miss that bite like the mouse misses you!”
  • “Knock Knock, Who’s There? Owl. Owl who? Owl be missing you.”
  • “My husband likes to write cute notes to our 6-year-old daughter that pertain to what is in her lunch. For example: if there is an apple, he would write ‘Have an apple of a day my sweetie!’ or if I pack a string cheese he would write ‘Cheese… have a happy day at school!’ … strawberries would get ‘You are so berry sweet!!!! We love you… mommy and daddy’ and so on.”

Visual: When no words are needed

  • I would draw a picture of a hand and a heart in the middle of it to represent the “kissing hand
  • Stickers or cut a fun picture out of a magazine are easy ways to make a note
  • My daughter loves to draw so I draw a few lines on a note and tell her to finish the picture and bring it back to me.

Teasers: Something to look forward to

  • 3 more hours until game night! Love you! XOXO
  • When your school day is done, Mommy will pick you up and we will have more fun!
  • We’re having your favorite – TACOS! – for dinner! Yippee!!

If you still want more visual help, download’s free lunch box note printables. Kristen Duke Photography has some fun printable jokes to add some giggles to lunch. Or my favorites are the ones Lori over at created. They’re super cute!

So, keep it up Moms and give your child a secret “Chocolate Cake Moment” while at school. With all of these great ideas, there’s no excuse not to throw a love note in your kids lunch box tomorrow morning.

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