Ideas to Celebrate the Last Day of School

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My kids are bouncing off the walls. They can’t wait for the last day of school tomorrow. Even though I don’t get the summer off, I do look forward to our annual family tradition of celebrating the end of the school year. Since they are so excited, I figure why not join in on the enthusiasm and make it a family tradition to do something fun as a family to mark the beginning of summer break?

Parents, if you can, take the afternoon off of work or dedicate a day for pure fun. Here are some ideas to inspire your celebration:

1. Hit the pool! Let the splashing begin. Head on over to your local pool and start working on that gorgeous tan while splashing around with the kids.

2. Neighborhood Fire Pit, Anyone? Put a fire pit out on the driveway and invite the neighborhood families over to celebrate together. Share your summer vacation plans, discuss the highlights of the past school year, talk about starting a gourmet club or how mosquitoes are the plague of man’s existence. You know, whatever makes you happy.

3. Run Around. It’s summer, so go outside. Be active and enjoy the outdoors. Go to the local forest preserve and play games, hit your favorite theme park, go for a long bike ride in another part of town, or go horseback riding if it’s available near you.

4. Go see a movie during the day. If your outdoor activities get rained out or you just want to enjoy extreme air conditioning, take advantage of that early bird, weekday discount to see the latest family flick. It will be a rare pleasure for the kids to see a movie during the day, because SCHOOL IS OUT!

5. Cook your kid’s favorite meal. Ask your kids what they want as a celebratory meal and have fun making it together.

Here are some other great ideas from around the Mom blogs for celebrating the last day of school.

Easy, fun ideas from Cindy at

Check out this awesome idea from Secrets of a Super Mommy to create a last day of school art gallery of her kids artwork from the whole year. Cool!

eGuide Organize Kids Artwork
BTW, if you are overwhelmed with the pounds of artwork and school papers that are coming home on the last few days of school, download my free e-Guides on Organizing & Storing Your Kids Artwork and Organize the School Paperwork Chaos. has a great round-up for end-of-school activities.

Do you celebrate the last day of school? How?

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