How to Keep Your Kids Occupied This Summer While You Work From Home

Well, the kids are out of school for one full day and they are already bored. It’s hard to get work done during the summer when the kids feel the need to be entertained. However, it is possible with some scheduling and communication. I wrote a post last year on How to Keep Your Kids Active During the Summer While You Work from Home and since I just pulled it out and brushed it off as a reference for myself, I thought I would share with you as well.

I hope these ideas help you keep your projects moving forward, your sanity in check, and the kids happily entertained. Good Luck!

Have any other tips on how to manage work and kids during the summer? Please share and win a momAgenda All-in-One Organizer!
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  1. Those two stories offered such wonderful, practical tips! What I’ve found helpful is to give my preschooler an art project to complete while I get some work done. Then, we cuddle up and I listen while she tells me about her projects. It’s been fun hearing about her creative inspirations!

    Lisa Leihy

  2. I love the work from the library idea…especially for a rainy day. The TV and video games are sometimes a tool for us who are at home. A friend of mine challenges her kids to dothe Wii Yoga! I think that’s a brilliant way to keep them engaged, but serene (as in quiet! :) ) . Plus, what a good habit to form. Thanks for the ideas, Sue!

    Jean Des Biens

  3. My three children, ages 4, 5 and 10, spend many hours making Lego creations. While they are busy at the Lego blanket, I try to get some work done.

    Gina S

  4. Our little 4 year old loves art so she has a full supply of crayons, markers, pastels, paints and lots of different types of papers. She is so imaginative and can spend hours creating her own special masterpiece. While she is “creating” there is time for mom to get some chores done. When she is ready to take a break we enjoy a snack while she explains her latest project.

    Pat Confessore

  5. Our little 4 year old loves tea time so each day she gathers her animals and dolls for a special tea party. While they are enjoying their tea mom can manage to get some chores done. Eventually mom is invited to join in the fun!

    Pat Confessore

  6. These are great ideas! Keep them coming and thanks for sharing.



  7. Thanks for these helpful ideas. The doll tea party sounds precious! To get some free time in our house, we also put the little one to “work” crafting and creating invitations to her animal parties. She also likes to practice writing her letters and words which makes it a learning experience to boot!

    Sarina Marie

  8. Pat is the winner of the momAgenda All-in-One Folio. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your great ideas.



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