Help Your Kids Conquer Their Fear of the Dark with Dream Cards

Another idea we have used at home to help our kids conquer their fear of the dark is to create Dream Cards. (You can see that fear of the dark and failure to fall asleep is a big issue in our house. I’ll try anything to get these kids to GO TO BED!) So here’s the thing … Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick your dream ahead of time? Well, we used that thought as a springboard for our Dream Card ideas. One night we sat down and cut out playing card-sized pieces of thick paper. Everyone in the family then drew pictures of some dreams they wished they would have. Our daughter’s cards involved a lot of horses, picking roses in the clouds, and animals at tea parties. Our son’s cards seemed to have a lot of Star Wars, skiing, and pirates in them. He seems to find chaos and destruction calming before bedtime. Go figure.

When our deck of cards were made, we placed them next to our beds and every night before we went to bed, our kids would choose whichever dream they wanted. They put the card under their pillows and went to sleep imagining their dream. (One of my dream cards involved sleeping through the whole night without my kids waking me up. Ah! Bliss. The kids didn’t find it very amusing. My other dream card involved having my own cabana boy who would make me margaritas, but that’s not important. )

This worked for about a week but again, we had a blast one night spending time together as a family talking about our desired dreams and creating our Dream Cards. Try it one night and let me know how it works at your house.

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  1. Love the dream cards! I’ve heard that thinking about what you would like to dream about as you fall asleep actually works – it’s certainly worth a shot and sounds like a lot of fun just creating the deck in the first place. I bet we would learn a lot about our kids!

    Sometimes my girls ask for the “Dream Remote” and we give them an old (but “real”) remote control to put under their pillows. If they have a bad dream, they can just “change the channel”! Works for us, but if all else fails, there’s always the cabana boy! :)


  2. Nikki, I love the idea of the dream remote! How clever. I’m going to see if I can find an old one and test the idea out on the kids.



  3. Oh I love this idea! My son is 3 and often has night terrors or bad dreams that wake him up in tears. He is not really drawing pictures yet, but he has a great imagination & can think up some amazing ideas for the cards I am sure! Also, the remote idea is ingenious. He adores The Upside Down Show on on Nick Jr. where they use an imaginary remote to control their adventures, so I am sure he would take to that right away! Thank you!


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