Great Books for Kids About Dia de los Muertos

There are some really good books written for kids that explain the Holiday tradition of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I introduced this fun Holiday to my kids when they were five years old and reading books about the Holiday made it so much easier to share the tradition. Here are a few of our favorites. (Note: I put the links for the books in to make it easier for you to find and buy them. I don’t get any commission for the books I recommend.)

Day of the Dead Tony Johnston

Day of the Dead by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Jeanette Winter is a good book with fun illustrations that explain how a Mexican family gets ready for Dia de los Muertos. The beautiful, colorful illustrations really capture the joy the family is having preparing to visit with their loved ones.

Festival of Bones Book

The Festival of Bones/El Festival de las Calavera: The Little-Bitty Book for the Day of the Dead. Luis San Vicente created a bilingual (English/Spanish) book that helps young readers learn more about the Day of the Dead and how to celebrate the Holiday respectfully. The illustrations are so incredibly fun!

Felipa and the Day of the Dead by Birte Muller is another one of our favorites that is more of a fictional story. Felipa loses her grandmother and to comfort her, her parents tell her that a soul never dies. She finds that the celebration of Dia de los Muertos helps her feel close to her grandmother again.

Rosita y Carmen Day of the Dead Book

Rosita y Conchita, by Eric Gonzalez and Erich Haeger, is the story of twin sisters who are trying to find a way to get back together once again, even though one of the twins has died. The illustrations alone would make this an incredible book but the story is equally as good with Rosita building an altar with ofrendas for her twin sister. The book is really good at helping to explain the concept of death to your child that isn’t scary or confusing. The end of the book has some extra goodies like a history of the holiday, along with a simple recipe for making your own sugar skulls, and directions on how to draw Rosita’s character.

Finally, a book that doesn’t talk directly about Day of the Dead but is a counting story that features Day of the Dead inspired art, is Just A Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book by Yuyi Morales.

How do you teach your kids about Day of the Dead or any unique cultural Holidays?

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