Girls, Get Your Sports On!

Dancer Go Go Sports Doll

Not every girl wants to be a princess. Thank goodness! The world would be pretty boring with that many princesses. So we love when we find a toy that appeals to girls with other interests. Check out these sports-themed dolls that help girls celebrate their athletic interests, encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as make great companions to take to practice. We used to sell these Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls when I had my online store because I think the Dolls are so fun and we really like the Mompreneur behind the company, Jodi Norgaard.

Jodi Norgard

The Go! Go! Sports Dolls are designed to support and encourage girls to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. The idea is to teach girls it is cool to be strong and active—not just another pretty face. (As a woman in her 40′s who still can’t put on make-up properly, I love that message!) The dolls’ bodies are not overly mature so there is no confusing sexuality associated with the doll – you know, grow up fast and dress like a 20-year-old. The bodies are soft so they are easy to hug!

Soccer Doll

The dolls come in a variety of styles like Soccer, Dance, Swimming and Gymnastics to appeal to your little girl’s favorite activity. What a great birthday gift!

These dolls have won numerous awards, like the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio “Best Toy” Award and the Creative Child Magazine 2009 Seal of Excellence. They were also featured on the NBC Today Show. Check out the clip:

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As I said, we liked the Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls so much, we started selling them. Grab one for your little athlete and continue to encourage her healthy lifestyle. Tell us which one is your favorite?

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