Games and Activities for a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? If you’re not, why the heck not? It’s a great reason to invite family and friends over because it’s so EASY – snacks, desserts and a big TV! Have all of the guests bring a snack or dessert and it’s even easier to host a great bash. While the beer ads on TV make it seem like Super Bowl Parties are for adults only, it’s really easy and fun to host a Super Bowl party that both kids and adults will love. Here’s an earlier post I wrote with easy decorating and food ideas for a football-themed party. (I’ve got a ton more ideas for food and decorations on my Sports Party Pinterest Board. Feel free to check it out and repin your favorites.)


Cut some football shapes out of brown construction paper. Have everyone write their name and prediction for the final score of the game on a paper football. Throw the guesses into an upside down football helmet. At the end of the game give a prize to the closest guess.

Grab some nerf or small footballs and place them in a basket by the door. If the weather is good, have everyone burn some energy outside by playing catch. If the weather is bad, try your garage or basement. Make it even more fun by cutting a hole out of a giant box and host your own half-time competition to see who can throw the ball through the hole to win a prize.

Print out this Tic Tac Toe Bingo Game for little kids from the One Charming Party blog. Use candy or little plastic football guys for the game markers. For older kids with longer attention spans, try this Football Bingo Game from the Studio DIY blog.

Kids bored with watching the game? Have them create their own team pennants. Buy some large foam sheets in different colors and cut them into a long triangle shape. Buy some stick and peel foam letters and shapes to let the kids decorate. Or, print out this template for a football helmet from and let the kids use crayons, markers and glitter to decorate their own team helmet.

Since I’m a Chicago Bears fan and they are NEVER in the Super Bowl, I usually find the ads more exciting than the game. So, I loved these Rate the Super Bowl Ads free printables from Come on, you know you love judging the creativity of the ads!

Have the kids make up their own cheer. Give them some pom poms and have them practice their routine in the other room. During commercial breaks have them come in and do their cheers for the adult audience. This makes for good video moments!

Touchdown cash/candy game. When everyone comes in the door have them put a dollar in the cup. As everyone is sitting around watching the game, have one person hold the cup for the first play. If there is a touchdown on that play the person holding the cup gets to keep everything as their prize. If there is no touchdown, they pass the cup to the next person for the next play. Keep passing the cup until a team scores and someone wins. After the win you can decide to fill the cup again and keep playing. I usually play for just one quarter of the game. More than that and it’s too much work to coordinate. For kids, you can fill a separate cup with candy and have the kids play amongst themselves. (Older kids might want the cash so decide how you want to coordinate the game.)

Finally, get those buckets of legos out and have the kids build the biggest goal post they can out of legos. Keep in mind, any of these games and activities would also be great for a football-themed birthday party.

Are you having a Super Bowl Party this year? What are some of your favorite snack or game ideas?

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  1. Well I am having a great Super Bowl party. Lots of food, catered, games, (guess whats in the diaper, guess whats in the paper bag, dont say BABY,) lots of presents and only girls allowed. Unknown to the host, me, I planned my first grand child’s baby shower on Super Bowl Sunday:))))). So us girls who are not fans of football lucked out! Just some sweet baby talk and lots of cute baby things. Oh and it’s a western theme cause his name will be Wyatt:)) and his dad is an avid hunter..So we’ll be having us some gooood barbeque pork sandwiches, some cowboy beans, garlic mashed potatoes and some chicken breast. Sounds like a wonderful time to me:)). I think deep down inside I new exactly what the day was and I planned it anyways ;-/

    Tammi sbordoni

  2. Tammi,

    That sounds like a wonderful party and a terrific memory associated with your first grand baby.


    Sue Kirchner

  3. I’m hosting a small Super Bowl party here with 6 adults and 5 kids. Two kids can read (ages 7 and 8) and three cannot (ages 3, 5 and 6). I’m going to have them break up into two groups with one reader to lead each group. I have a set of clues like: “Don’t Run. Just walk. This clue is tucked in the box of chalk.” I have two sets of 10 clues each so the older girls can lead their group by reading a clue. Each team will follow their clues to get to the end. The last clue says to “bring all your clues to Jessie where she will be waiting with a prize that’s messy.” And at the end I’ll have cupcakes and icing and sprinkles waiting for them to decorate and then eat. I’m hoping it distracts them long enough I can actually sit and watch the game for awhile. The trick is to spread the clues out all over the house so they have to run from the top floor to the basement and then back again. I’m really excited! I hope it works! Oh and I’m also having a fruit kabob station where they can build and eat fruit kabobs. Gotta’ have a little something healthy amongst the junkfood that day!


  4. What fabulous ideas, Jessie! Thank you for sharing them with me and my readers. I love the scavenger hunt idea with a cupcake station at the end. I hope the kids had a blast!

    Sue Kirchner

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