Fun Treats to Eat While Watching the Olympics

Is your family excited about the upcoming Summer Olympic Games? My kids are thrilled and looking forward to watching their favorite Olympic Sports on TV – basketball, gymnastics, diving, and beach volleyball. My daughter is into horseback riding this year so the equestrian events are sure to be a hit, as well.

So, knowing that we are going to be watching the Olympic Games for a few weeks and then hosting our own backyard Olympic Games, I needed a fun, Olympic-themed treat that I could make with my kids.

Olympic Ring Cookie Treats

We brainstormed some ideas for Olympic treats and my kids unanimously chose dipped and decorated chocolate sandwich cookies to look like the Olympic Rings. Our fun in the kitchen was a classic example in experimenting because our first batch was pathetic. (Tasty, but pathetic.) My idea was to put a stick in the Oreos, dip them in white chocolate, and then display them in a stand as five rings.

Here’s what I learned. The minute you put the stick into the Oreos they crack apart. I even went a bought double stuffed oreos which would be thicker and provide a larger space for the stick. No dice! Then I bought the new WhoNu Double Stuffed Chocolate cookies, which my family likes much better than Oreos anyway, and they worked … if you put the stick in AFTER you dip them. However, if you don’t care about the stick part, you can use any chocolate sandwich cookie at any thickness that you like.

To make these treats you’ll need -

  • 1 box WhoNu, Oreo or other Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • 1 pkg. Almond Bark (we tried white chocolate but almond bark worked so much better – it’s whiter and thinner so it didn’t break the cookie while dipping.)
  • Food coloring - red, green, yellow, black and blue (You could buy frosting tubes in these colors but you really don’t need all that much so there is a lot of sugary waste.)

Melt the almond bark according to instructions. Once melted dip the cookie to cover completely. I just used a fork to pull the cookie out of the almond bark and transfer the cookie to a wax paper covered surface. Once the cookie is dry, cut any spillage off so the cookie looks like a clean circle.

Take the left over almond bark and divide into 5 little bowls. Add the food coloring to make your 5 colors for the rings. I am a terrible icer. Decorating with icing is definitely not something to put on my resume. If you are an expert icer, then drawing the rings will be super easy for you. You can use your icing bags and tips or I just put the icing in a small ziploc bag, cut the end off and used that to pipe my icing and draw a ring.

Optional: I used sticks to make my Olympic Ring Cookies stand-up. To make the stand I used a styrofoam floral block and covered it with aluminum foil. However, you can easily display them on a plate and skip the sticks.

Let dry and enjoy. What do you think? As I said, we messed up on making the icing look perfect but the kids all agreed that they tasted amazing. A perfect treat for my little champions. (They are all gone already and the kids are bummed, so we are off to make more.)

Want to throw your own Summer Olympics Party or just get the kids off the couch and active with your own backyard Olympic Games? Here’s how easy it is. You can also see a ton of great party ideas on my Olympics Inspired Party board on Pinterest. Let the games begin!

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