Fun Games & Activities for a Themeless Kids Birthday Party

Lots of kids want a theme for their birthday parties, but some don’t. Especially as your kids get older, they tend to be less infatuated with tying their party to their favorite TV show, book, or kids movie. While a theme sometimes makes it easier to plan a party, at least for me it helps keep me focused and not falling in love with every party idea I see. However, throwing a fabulous kids party without a particular theme is lots of fun because you are free to do ANYTHING. Here are some fun decorations, games and craft activities for any kids’ birthday party.

Birthday Banners

It’s fun to surprise your son or daughter when they come down to breakfast or enter their special party room with these felt birthday banners. They are high quality so you can use them year after year for each child.

Craft Activities

I love to do a craft activity at a kids birthday party because a high-quality craft can become the party favor each child takes home. You kill two birds with one stone amusing the kids at the party and providing a nice party favor. No need to buy plastic trinkets to stuff in a bag. Here are some of our favorite themeless kids craft kits, perfect for kids’ birthday parties.

    Create Your Own Wooden Bookmark – perfect for a tween party

    The Melissa & Doug Paint Your Own Wooden Yo-Yo Craft Kit is perfect for boys or girls.

    Cap It Off Jewelry Kit – No matter what theme your daughter picks, jewelry is a perfect craft activity and party favor

    Party Games

    You can’t have a birthday party without games! Here are some great, tried and true games to play with kids of all ages. These are also great “back pocket” games to have in mind if you end up with extra time at your party.

      Freeze Dance – Play some fun dance music then stop the music suddenly to watch the kids freeze. Whoever doesn’t stop fast enough is out, but they get to stop the music for the next round. Here’s some fun kids party music from Racer Steve & Princess Katie, ideal for either boys or girls birthday parties. Perfect for ages 3 and up.

      Bubble Chase – Blow some bubbles and have the kids chase and pop them. Keeps kids giggling for quite awhile. Perfect for ages 2 – 5 years old.

      Scavenger Hunt - Hide some gold coins, plastic action figures, or photos of the kids around the house and have them search. They can take home whatever they find. Perfect for kids 5 and up.

      Limbo - Players need to bend backwards or forwards to go underneath the stick (broomstick, wooden pole) without touching the stick. The player who touches the stick is out. Perfect for kids 3 and up.

      Relay Race – Kids love to run so whether you let them run around an obstacle course in the yard, run between posts in the basement or give them pillow cases or burlap sacks – they’ll have a blast competing for prizes. Perfect for ages 3 – 12, depending on how complicated the race rules are.

      It’s so hard to find a craft activity for tween boys, however, check out my post on How to Make Thumb Wrestlers. My son and his friends loved it at his 11th birthday party.

    What are some of your favorite kids birthday crafts or party games? Please leave a comment and share your idea so we can keep ading to this list.

    Note: I have provided the link for some of the products that I recommended so that you can easily find and buy them. I do receive a small commission if you purchase anything from these links to Amazon. If you do purchase, it does help me to keep this blog and my ideas going. Thank you!

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      Free Download – Kids Birthday Party Planning Guide | Chocolate Cake Moments

    2. Great ideas for adding fun to your party! You can keep kids entertained by letting them watch a movie or a show the is inspired by the party theme your are using…It helps to keep kids settled while more activities & appetizers are being prepared or set up. Thanks for sharing your fab ideas.

      Printable Party

    3. Party games make kids birthday parties unforgettable! Party children anticipate the birthday games as a key part of the birthday party fun. We can play car games or any indoor game without breaking anything or trashing the house e.g. Blind Man’s Bluff, Balloon Rely.


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