Friday Night Family Fun – Spa Night!

My daughter is so excited for tonight’s family fun Friday Night activity. She got to pick the activity and she’s been telling everyone in town about how she’s going to paint Daddy’s nails pink. With polka dots. Oh, and sparkles. Huh? We are hosting a Spa Night tonight at the Kirchner Salon and it all came about because of a bribe.

We were at our endocronologist and she was advising us that my daughter needs to be taking her insulin shots in other parts of her body, not just her arms. They were getting black and blue because she was only comfortable with shots in her arms. So the doctor suggested we give her a prize if she lets us give her shots in the hip or legs. Since she is newly diabetic, we had to make sure that the prize was not food related. (That is truly the bane of my existence – to have food all tied up in my personal reward system. When I feel like I’ve done something well, I immediately think of eating something tasty. When my kids did something stupendous, I would take them for ice cream. I wish this weren’t ingrained in my psyche so that I could think of rewarding with something other than food. I’d be a lot thinner! At least my daughter now has a fighting chance.) But I digress and divert.

So we told our daughter that if she took a shot in the leg she could pick an activity to do with either Mommy or Daddy – you know, the precious one-on-one time that all kids crave. She chose a manicure and pedicure from Mom. “But no hip shots!”, she declared. So, my husband said that if she took a shot in the hip we could paint his nails too. Well, that did it! Her excitement and glee over getting to paint Daddy’s nails has blown this Friday night into an all out spa night at the house. (My son is refusing to participate, but he can be swayed.) She even told her teacher that Daddy’s nails were going to be pink with white polka dots. “And sparkly!”, she said to my husband’s chagrin.

nail polish display
She went ahead and collected all of the manicure supplies and make-up we would need and arranged them nicely in a container. She took our back massager out and has it ready by the couch/massage table in the family room. We got out my foot water massager and plugged it in. I have my aerobics relaxation CD in the player ready to go. We have wet wash cloths in the freezer to put over our eyes for a refreshing, relaxing break. We even sprayed linen aromatherapy spray around the room so it would smell like lavender. The cats are sneezing now but otherwise, it’s spa like. And, all with stuff we already had at home – easy and cheap!

So, dim the lights. We are ready to relax and make Daddy’s nails sparkly.

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