Friday Night Family Fun – Pizza Night!

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We are so excited that our kitchen remodeling is going to be done this week, after several long months! Yippee, Hurray, and Thank Goodness! To celebrate, we asked the kids what they wanted to make as their first meal in our new kitchen. The overwhelming response was “Homemade Pizza!” My choice would have been beef tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese in a cabarnet wine sauce, but so be it. Believe it or not my kids would eat the beef tenderloin heartily, but pizza is more fun to make.

Making pizza is a tradition that my parents started and we have continued with our family. I know my brother has started this tradition with his family, as well. We have a killer recipe for homemade pizza and the kids just love rolling the dough, choosing their toppings, and eating a pizza that they made themselves. It’s family bonding time at its best – we put on the dance tunes and groove while we cook, we talk about upcoming vacations, or we watch a new movie together.

Still not convinced to put away the take-out menu this Friday Night and cook? Here’s 7 reasons why Homemade Pizza Night should be in your arsenal of Family Fun Ideas. (I’m sure I could come up with more than 7, but that’s the limit of my creativity today.)

1. You get to bond and talk with your kids or grandkids while cooking. (Priceless!)

2. You can multi-task by dancing, entertaining, watching a movie, or playing a game while you cook. (So, great for us ADD people.)

3. The pizza is super-tasty, you get to experiment with ingredients, and you can control the freshness of the ingredients. (If it didn’t taste good I wouldn’t recommend it.)

4. You are teaching them a life skill. (Sure, cooking in general is a life skill but I think making homemade pizza is one of the ESSENTIAL life skills.)

5. Homemade pizza is a casual and fun way to entertain. We love to invite another family over when we make homemade pizza, because all of the kids get such a kick out of cooking together. The parents like it, too. (Start inviting people.)

6. Since everyone stands in the kitchen during a party anyway, you may as well put the guests to work while they are there. (Free labor? Count me in.)

7. It’s a reason to use that pizza stone or pizza pan you got when you were married and have never used. (Please dust it off before using.)

If you are going to watch a movie this Friday night while making pizza, we suggest some cooking themed movies: The newly released Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the classic Ratatouille, or if your kids are older, Mystic Pizza, Julie and Julia, or Big Night. (We don’t receive any commission from Amazon on these movie links. At least, not until we figure out how to do it. These links are purely to make your life a little easier if you want to buy the movies.)

pizza party kit small
We do sell Kids Pizza Baking Kits and the new Pizza Party Kits over at, to make this even easier for you. You’ll have everything you need except the cheese and extra toppings. We even have an Alien Pizza Making Kit where the sauce is purple and the dough turns green.

If you have invited some friends over for your pizza party, let the kids make their pizza first and the adults can eat a salad while they are waiting. The fun of a pizza party is standing or sitting around in the kitchen and just talking and muching the night away. While one pizza is cooking in the oven, another person can be making theirs. If you have two ovens, this goes much quicker. When a new pizza comes out of the oven, everyone will be ready to try a new piece.

Check back tomorrow for our killer recipe for Homemade Pizza. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, please do so!

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