Free Guide to Organizing and Showcasing Your Kids Artwork

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Welcome to the Chocolate Cake Moments blog! My name is Sue Kirchner and I am passionate about helping busy families have more “Chocolate Cake Moments” where they are smiling, laughing and having fun together.

If you are looking to make your family moments more special, I’d love to send you fun, creative and yet easy ideas on cooking with your kids, traveling on family adventures, crafting, throwing kids parties, or just hanging out together on Family Night! Just sign up for my e-newsletter below and as a thank you, I’ll send you the link to download my Free Guide on How to Organize and Showcase Your Kids Precious Artwork.

I created this Guide to help busy Moms stay sane with tips on how to organize your kid’s art supplies and the volume of artwork they produce. We all want our kids to express themselves creatively but after awhile it feels like we need to add a room onto the house just for art stuff!

In this Guide, you’ll find:

  • Creative ideas for easy-to-use containers to keep the art supplies organized and accessible;
  • Tips on the best way to store your ever-multiplying crayon collection;
  • How to protect your kitchen table during craft time;
  • Best way to take your art supplies on-the-road when going to restaurants, doctor’s appointments, or Grandma’s house;
  • A system for sorting your kids’ artwork to avoid tabletop pile-ups;
  • Inexpensive and creative ways to showcase your kids’ masterpieces;
  • Ideas for preserving larger or 3-D art projects;

To receive your free Guide, just type in your email address below. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER sell your email address to anyone and I think you’ll love receiving our tips and ideas on how to have more fun with your kids or grand kids!

Thanks for signing up for fun and I hope you have a “Chocolate Cake Moment” with your family today.

Sue Kirchner
Chief Fun Officer

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