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It’s Friday Night, you don’t have any plans, no babysitter, and you’re sick of movie night. You want to do something that is fun for both the parents and the kids. Does that sound about right? Don’t be bored and frustrated with the same old family time activities or lack of social life, fall evening are offer the perfect opportunity to host an impromptu Neighborhood Firepit Party. It’s a simple, fun, and easy way to be sociable and amuse the kids, no matter what age.

Our neighborhood is pretty friendly so if you put a firepit out on the driveway, they will come. Before it gets dark, we put the firepit out, set up some chairs around the fire and that’s all the invitation the neighbors need. They’ll see the intent as they all come home from school and work. If that won’t work in your neighborhood, type up a quick flyer and have the kids hand it out to the neighbors or spread the word as you walk the dog around the block.

Tell everyone to bring their own drinks and bring some munchies to share. If you start planning earlier in the morning or the day before, people might have time to whip up something, otherwise I love seeing what people have in their fridge or pantry to share at a moment’s notice. Run to the corner store and buy supplies for s’mores. Tell the odd numbered houses to bring the appetizers and the even numbered houses to bring dessert. Our “go to” dishes to bring – Guacamole and Chips or Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. We seem to always have the ingredients for these on hand, no matter what time of year.

When you have little kids, these parties are great because everyone will keep an eye on the kids. Or the bigger kids in the neighborhood will take them in hand and run some games. Sweet! You can go inside and put them to bed when needed.

The older kids can run around playing hide ‘n seek, ghost in the graveyard, play flashlight flag football or rake up some leaf piles to make forts or just jump in them. Younger kids can catch soft footballs or drive their little cars up and down the driveways. Set up a tent and let the kids play in the tent. Get out the baggo or bocce ball games. If there is a big sporting event on that evening, bring a radio or TV outside. We’ve got a large telescope so it’s fun to bring that out and let the kids take turns looking at the moon.

I also love to do these parties after school has been in session for a few weeks. The parents can talk about the kids’ new teachers, how things are going, and any new after school activities that are keeping your family busy. You can also take this time to see if any neighbors are interested in a Halloween Procession where everyone goes out trick or treating together for more fun or if the neighborhood is interested in a Halloween or Pumpkin Carving party. Why not plan a Neighborhood Halloween Decorating contest, too? (Aren’t I full of ways to plan a party? I’ve found that if you don’t plan these things when everyone is together, they never happen. So take advantage and plan some fun!)

A neighborhood firepit party is an easy way to entertain and socialize with the friends, no matter what age your kids are. Read this post for more ideas on fun activities to do this fall with your kids or grand kids.

Do you live in a friendly neighborhood? How do you get-together with your neighbors?

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