Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts to Make with the Kids

Search for homemade Father’s Day gifts on Pinterest and you’ll be amazed at all of the options. There is everything from super simple to incredibly elaborate. I wanted to find a few ideas for gifts that I could definitely make with the kids but that still had a lot of “Wow” factor. Here were a few of my favorite ideas, however I pinned quite a few more on my All About Dad Pinterest Board, if you’re looking for more inspiration.

1. I loved these Father’s Day Necktie Goodie Bags from LittleFamilyFun.com. The kids want to fill ours with plenty of chocolate for Daddy.

2. My husband loves relaxing on Sunday mornings and drinking coffee out of a real, ceramic coffee cup, not a paper cup or plastic travel mug. It is a subtle reminder that he doesn’t need to rush to work today and he can savor his coffee. So, when I saw these homemade chalkboard paint coffee cups from WitandWhistle.com, I had to Pin it!

3. Positivelysplendid.com came up with a super cute idea for a Father’s Day photo collage gift. This would be awesome to do every year to see how the kids grow.

4. Finally, there are a ton of Father’s Day coupon ideas out there but I liked how the eighteen25 blog created a tin of tokens for Dad. The tin has way more impact as a gift. This could be a great gift for Grandpas, too.

For one final idea, last year I bought one of those digital frames for my husband to put on his desk. He was complaining that he didn’t have enough photos of the kids at work. So, the kids and I chose all of our favorite photos of Dad and the kids over the years and then added music to create a “soundtrack” for the photos. The songs we used were some of Dad’s favorite Dad-themed songs:

Have fun making the ultimate Father’s Day gift with your kids! If you have a great idea for a gift, I’d love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment below. Thanks and Happy Father’s Day!

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