Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations to Make with Kids

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In general, we don’t decorate the house a lot for Valentine’s Day. We usually focus our energy on baking treats instead. But this year, I wanted to put something up as another small way to say “I Love You” to the family. So, the kids and I made hanging Valentine’s Day hearts. It was super easy! We hung the Valentine’s from clothes pins in our family room to add some V-Day flair to the house for the past two weeks. But the best part is, on the back of each heart, we wrote a little love note to Grandma and Grandpa and we’re sending them out as Valentines today.

Here’s what you need:

  • Foam Hearts (we bought these at Target but you can buy foam sheets in Valentine’s Day colors and cut out your own.)
  • Heart Shaped Doilies – I think ours were from Wilton and we got them at Michael’s
  • Ribbon – we used 1/2 inch wide ribbon in sheer pink, red, and purple as well as a solid bright green for contrast
  • Glue Stick
  • Decorations – We used small red and pink roses that we found in the bridal section at Michael’s. You can use foam shapes, glitter, or sequins to dress up your hearts
  • Photos

Assembly is easy. Use your gluestick to glue the doily down onto the foam heart. Then glue the photo of the kids or the whole family on top of the doily. Now add the decorations.

To finish it and add more color, we cut three pieces of different colored ribbon and tied them through one of the holes on the outside of the heart. By putting the three together you get a nice color burst. I like cutting the ribbon to different lengths for more interest, so I cut them anywhere from 8″ to 12″ long. Then we threaded a single ribbon through the top two holes on the heart to make the hanger.

If you want to turn it into a Valentine’s Day card or gift, just write a love note on the back with a sharpie or even a ball point pen. Have fun crafting with the kids!

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