{Easy Kids Halloween Craft} The Avengers Pumpkins

I admit that I am a bit of an Avengers Fan. My kids think I’m nuts for watching The Avengers movie at least 10 times since we grabbed our DVD. But hey, what can I say? Thor and Iron Man make me supernaturally weak in the knees. Moms are entitled to a little eye candy and fantasies now and then, right?

So when it was time to decorate pumpkins this year, I decided to go with my obsession and create The Avengers pumpkins. I roped my daughter in to help me. We bought 4 small pie pumpkins.

We then drew the faces in pencil first to make sure we liked the design. We used two different craft ideas for inspiration on how to draw the Avengers characters. First, I love the Avenger bookmarks from CraftsbyAmanda.com. The faces are so cute! But they aren’t 3D so then I used the Superhero Pegs craft from Girl and a Glue Gun to design the whole head.

Once we had our design set, it was time for color. I didn’t have any paint so we tried to use Sharpie markers to color the pumpkins. It didn’t work that well. Only a few colors showed up. So, I broke down and went and bought kid-friendly acrylic paint in green, red, blue, yellow, and black. We painted around the pencil marks and let the pumpkins dry.

For Iron Man’s gold face and Thor’s silver helmet, I used Zig’s Posterman Metallic Paint Markers which worked perfectly. I cut wings out of thick cardstock paper, colored them silver and hot glued them to the side of Thor’s helmet.

Even though I have a thang for Thor and Iron Man, I think the Hulk pumpkin turned out the best. What do you think?

All in all, this was a super easy way to decorate pumpkins with the kids.

How did you decorate your pumpkins this year?

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