Easy Decorations for a Michael Jackson Theme Kids Dance Party

My daughter turned 10 years old this past weekend and although I was depressed that both of my kids are in double digits now, I didn’t let that deter me from planning a fun party for my daughter. She wanted a Michael Jackson Dance Party as the theme for her big 1-0 birthday. It was actually incredibly easy to plan and the girls had a blast – the ultimate goal of any party! This week I’ll share a series of posts explaining how it all danced out at our house and how you can easily throw this party for your child. I won’t stop ’til you get enough. In today’s post, decorations! When you see how easy these decorating ideas are, you’ll wanna be startin’ somethin’.


We used black and white as the theme for our decorations. Why so gloomy? Both to pay homage to his song, Black or White and because that is pretty much all the man wore. We concentrated on three decorating areas to create a party atmosphere – the “dance floor,” the hallway as kids walked into the house and the table.

For the dance floor, my daughter made a Welcome Sign out of black poster board and metallic paint markers. I found some images of Michael Jackson dancing online, printed them on our color printer, and taped them to the wall. I didn’t have a disco ball – something I should have rented if I had thought of it earlier - but I wanted to create a dance area in our family room.

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest which inspired me to hang black and white balloons with curling ribbons from the ceiling over our dance area. It was super easy and looked so cool.

On our hallway wall, we took string and created a “clothesline” to hang photos of Michael Jackson. We clipped each photo that I printed onto the line with wooden clothespins. I printed more than one of the image I liked best to create a pattern.

To decorate the table, I covered it in a white plastic tablecloth that would be easy to roll out and toss at the end of the night. I took some black glittery mesh and cut a piece as a table runner down the center of the table. For the centerpiece I took two black and white curling ribbon bunches that I purchased at a craft store and layed them out in the center of the table. I added two black candles sitting on mirrored circles that looked like a flat disco ball. Then I added a plastic fedora hat in the center. Black and white plates, napkins, and cups round it all out. For the final touch, I scattered silver jewels around the table and hung curling ribbon from the light fixture over the table.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing photos of the Birthday Cake with instructions on how to make it, so check back.

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  1. This looks great. We are planning an 8 year old Michael Jackson themed party for my daughter next week. Looking forward to seeing the cake

    Michele W.

  2. My daughter is turning 9 and she wants a Michael Jackson party also looking for ideas.


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