Easter Bunny Butt-Up Candy Cups

We were on a roll crafting and baking this past Easter and we were able to make and put our own spin on 5 different ideas we found on Pinterest. (If you didn’t see my previous two posts on how to make an Easter Egg Bouquet or Mustache Easter Eggs, which we found on Pinterest, check them out.)

So, for our third piece of craftiness, we decided to make Easter Bunny Butt-Up Candy Cups to give to the little nieces and nephews at Easter. These would be so cute to set as placeholders on the Easter dinner table or as favors at an Easter party.

My inspiration came from this idea from the Delightfully Noted blog. She explains how she made them on her site and her photography is so much better than mine, so definitely check it out. I deviated just a little from her instructions and I couldn’t find the cups she used at Target, so I improvised.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small paper or plastic cups (Easter themed or pastel colors)
  • Styrofoam balls
  • White foam sheet (one sheet will get you 24 bunny feet)
  • Pink foam sheet or Pink sharpie marker
  • Glue gun or craft glue
  • White pom poms
  • Candy – jelly beans, Robin’s Eggs, M&Ms
  • Green Easter grass

Important Tip: Buy your cups first! Styrofoam balls come in so many sizes so I found it incredibly helpful to find the cups first and then take one with me to the craft store to see which size ball fit the best. You don’t want it too big so it looks like a muffin top and you don’t want it too small that it falls in the cup.

To start I took a plain piece of white paper and drew an oval that I thought would be the right size for the feet. They need to be about 3/4 of the size of the ball so they can hang over and flop. Once you have the right size on the paper use that as your pattern to cut feet out of the white foam sheet.

Now for Delightfully Noted’s version, she cut the little pads for the feet out of a pink foam sheet. My daughter and I decided to cut the work time in half by just drawing the pads onto the feet with a pink sharpie marker. (I’m all about cutting crafting corners.)

You are ready for the glue. We used a glue gun because it sticks better and dries faster but you could use regular glue, no prob! Glue the feet on facing down. (I glued them facing up first and my daughter thought I was a nub. Don’t do the same thing and look lame in front of your child.) Then glue the white pom pom on the top center of the butt.

Now you are ready to fill your cup with candy, put some Easter grass on top of that and center your bunny butt on top. Viola! Easy-peasy. Took us 20 minutes.

So what do you think? Here’s the version from Delightfully Noted and then ours. I like her cups better and we should have made the pink feet pads a little bigger but overall, still pretty cute.

Did you make anything you saw on Pinterest this Easter? I’d love to hear about it so please leave me a comment below.

For more Holiday fun ideas, check out the Easter craft and recipe section of my blog or my Easter Ideas board on Pinterest. Feel free to pin this idea to your craft and Holiday boards.

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