Don’t Miss Out – Create a Family Summer Fun Plan

Chocolate Cake Club Family Fun Calendar

Chocolate Cake Club Family Fun Calendar

Were you frustrated last summer that the time seemed to slip by and you didn’t get to do all of the things you wanted to with the kids? Been disappointed that you didn’t get to the Zoo, or get tickets to a popular kids concert, or get the bikes out enough to justify the space they take up in the garage? Well, last summer our family started a Family Summer Fun Plan and it made planning and scheduling our family fun a whole lot easier. We were tired of “missing” some of the fun things we wanted to do every summer because we didn’t act fast enough, so we decided to take charge and make it a family project. Here’s how you can do it too:

Pick a night and when you sit down for dinner, go around the table and ask everyone in the family what they would like to do for fun that summer. Have someone write down all of the ideas. Then vote on the Top 10 ideas that your family is going to do together. (If this gets too heated or causes hurt feelings amongst younger siblings, put all of the ideas into a hat and pull the first 10. While someone might still be miffed that their idea didn’t make it, at least it’s fair!)

Now, grab the family calendar and plan which days you’ll schedule each activity. If any work needs to be done ahead of time like buying tickets, making reservations, or inviting friends over, assign the responsibilities to family members so everyone is working together to have fun. You’ll get more buy-in from the kids, Mom won’t be the only one planning everything, and you won’t miss any important activities. If your kids are still too young, Mom and Dad will just have to divide and conquer.

Your kids and grandkids grow up so fast. Don’t miss these precious summer days and nights to have fun together. (That was my mushy Moment.) To make it easier, download the Family Fun Calendar above to create your family’s fun plan.

Here’s our family’s Summer Hit List so far, around the Chicagoland area:

  • Train ride downtown, eat at French Market
  • Concert at Ravinia, our outdoor concert venue
  • Long bike ride along Lake Michigan – RJ Grunts for dinner
  • Cubs Game
  • Splash time at North Ave. Beach
  • BBQ party with friends
  • Hang out with neighbors at local pool
  • Backyard camp-out
  • Drive-in tailgate party with friends
  • Trips to Austin, TX and Iowa to visit the Grandparents and cousins

Here is a cute printable you can download for free to help you create your summer fun plan from

What’s on your Family Summer Fun Plan?

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