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To be in compliance with the FTC ruling that bloggers need to disclose if they are being paid or compensated for their posts, the following is my full disclosure policy and how I do business:

Chocolate Cake Moments is a blog and I hope a resource for busy parents looking for ideas on how to have way more fun with their family. This blog was founded by me and is 99% written and 100% edited by me, Sue Kirchner. I used to want to be called the “Goddess of Marketing” but now I really want to be the “Rachel Ray of Family Fun,” – meaning I want people to think of me and trust my opinion when they need an idea for family game night, a kids birthday party, inspiration to start a new family tradition, a recipe to cook with the kids, or how to have a Date Night with your child. I am also the founder and President of e-boutique ChocolateCakeClub.com, where I sell a lot of the products that I talk about in this blog. My PR Kit says I’m a Family Fun Coach and I’m also CFO or Chief Fun Officer for my family.

The purpose of this blog is to share simple and creative ideas that any busy Mom, Dad, Grandparent or really savvy Aunt can implement to have more “Chocolate Cake Moments” with their family, where they are smiling, relaxed, connecting and enjoying their family time together.

  • I want to share ideas (mine and ones I come across that are just too cool) to make it easier for you to inject a little more fun into your day. (Families that laugh together stay together.)

  • In order for me to keep bringing you these family fun time ideas I have to make some money. Writing this blog takes A LOT of time. Running my store costs a lot of money. Since my goal is to become a trusted source for all thing family fun, I need to be sharing my ideas here but I also need to sell product at ChocolateCakeClub.com and cover my expenses for this blog site.

  • I do promote the products that we sell on ChocolateCakeClub.com in several of our posts. First, I love every product that we sell and I want to tell you about it. I love hearing about cool, new products from my friends and I want to be that friend that shares with you. Second, I need for you to buy those products so I can keep the ideas coming. In any post that we mention products we sell or link to ChocolateCakeClub.com , I fully disclose that it is MY store.

  • We do mention a lot of products and services that we think you would like and we don’t get compensated for it in any way. We just like them and want to share. I’ll tell you if I bought them or got them at the library or saw it over at a friend’s house. I don’t currently have any affiliate relationships set up with any other companies like Amazon. The only place I make money is if I send you to my store.

  • We have recently started to accept cash for advertising or sponsorship on the blog. You will see these ads on the right sidebar under the SPONSORS header. We are not a review site per se. However, if I come across a product I love, I just might review it for you. If I am paid for anything or have received a free product to test out, I will disclose it in the post. I value your trust and would never try to mislead you. I give my honest opinions on the product and if I don’t like the product, I don’t write about it. I’m a busy Mom. I don’t want to write about junk and you don’t want to read it. I value your time.

  • I have very strong opinions on the type of advertising and sponsorship I accept. I will only accept advertising from a company whose product or service is family-friendly or helps make life easier for Mom, so she can have more fun time.

For questions about this blog, feel free to contact me directly at Sue [at] ChocolateCakeClub [dot] com.
I hope you have a “Chocolate Cake Moment” today!

Sue Kirchner

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