Day #8 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Catching Fireflies

It’s Day #8 of our 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge, where we’re giving you 30 days of simple, creative & most importantly memorable ideas to make this the most fun summer EVER for your family. What has your family been doing to have fun, so far?

Yesterday was the longest day of the year, the official first day of summer. My kids wanted to stay up until it got dark, so as we were walking the dog after dinner, we noticed the fireflies.

Fireflies represent pure joy. Tiny little sparks of light flying around on warm sunny evening are fun to watch. I imagine that they are little fairies on a mission. (OK, so I’m a little fanciful.) I don’t know a person out there who doesn’t smile at the memories they have catching fireflies in the summer time. They are slow and easy to catch, don’t look as frightening as many other bugs, and they light up. Perfect for kids!

So, share this joy and wonder with your kids by catching fireflies tonight after dinner. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Wait until close to sunset. (Put on bug spray! I don’t know about where you live but the blood sucking mosquitos are thick already.)

    2. Watch for the tiny sparks of light. They like to hang out by low hanging trees or wooded areas.

    3. When you see a firefly, cup your hand and CAREFULLY put your hand over the top of the firefly as you cup your other hand and bring it up underneath the firefly. Make sure your kids understand that these creatures are fragile and must be handled with care.

    bug catcher

    4. Now, you can either just watch it crawl over your hand, or put it in a glass jar with holes punched in the lid, or gently help your firefly into a bug catcher, like this one. The jar is nice when you get a few fireflies inside and it starts to look like a lantern. I like the bug catcher because you can put many different kinds of bugs inside and the sides are mesh so you don’t need to worry about making air holes. (My daughter has offered hospitality to many caterpillars and toads in our bug catcher. She doesn’t seem to understand why they don’t eat sticks. Have you ever seen a toad eat a stick? I didn’t think so.)

    5. Remember to release the fireflies before you go to bed, if not sooner. They only live a day or two anyway so why make them spend their short life in a jar where they can’t fly?

To help you have some buggy fun with your kids this summer, take 25% off our Bug Catcher today only.

P.S. I took photos of my kids catching fireflies last night and of course, they didn’t come out. If you have any good photos of your kids catching fireflies, I’d love to see them and share them on the blog.

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