Day #6 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Rainy Day Arts & Crafts

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Welcome to Day #6 of our 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge, where we’re giving you 30 days of simple, creative & most importantly memorable ideas to make this the most fun summer EVER for your family.

We’ve got storms here in the Chicagoland area today so I thought I’d share a Rainy Day fun idea. You can’t go wrong with Arts & Crafts when you are stuck indoors during summer break. However, there are a lot of craft kits out there so you need to keep some things in mind.

1. Are you going to do the craft with them or do you need the kit to keep the kiddos busy while you do other things? If so, make sure it is age appropriate so they don’t need Mom to do it all for them. Also, make sure they won’t finish it in 5 minutes and ask “Now, what?”

2. Is everything included in the kit? If you have a ton of art supplies in your house already, you don’t need a kit that includes another glue stick or more magic markers. Maybe your best bet includes getting a craft book from the library or book store and using the supplies you already have. If you are at Grandma’s house or don’t have that many supplies, then make sure your kit has everything included. (You don’t want to start a craft only to find out that you need to go to the store to get Googly eyes. “Mom, how can we create under these conditions?”)

3. Do you want to reuse the kit or craft ‘n go? My daughter, the artist, goes through so many craft kits that I now look for ones that I can dispose of when we are done. We already have some great art kits that include all kinds of materials that we use constantly. So, I don’t want a new kit with 1,000 paint brushes. No more crayons in my house! I look for kits that we or she can put together with no extra pieces left over when we are done. Klutz makes some great craft ‘n go kits.

4. What do your kids like to do? There are so many cool themed art kits to appeal to all sorts of interests and artistic techniques. There is everything from painting to jewelry making to shrinky dinks to sewing and more.

We’ve tried a lot of the craft kits out there with our kids and some keep them engaged, and some don’t. However, the three kits we keep using again and again that have provided our kids with hours of crafting fun, include the Alex Toys Giant Art Supply Jar, the My Very Busy Box, and the My Art Case Art Supply Kit.

I would recommend the My Very Busy Box for younger kids (as young as 2 years old) because there are instructions on how to make certain craft ideas. The Giant Art Supply Jar is perfect for older kids who want to create their own ideas and just need the supplies to make it happen. Don’t forget to grab an Art Project Splat Mat or an old tablecloth to protect your kitchen table or put on the floor under the crafting area.

Send us a photo of your rainy day craft or tell us about your favorite arts & craft kit. Happy Crafting!

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  1. So glad you posted your link on FB! Love all the ideas on your blog (as i’m “Uncrafty Mommy…) and you’ve really done a great job on it! I’ll be back to visit….glad i found you! :)


  2. Thank you Isabel. Come back and see us again soon. Sue


  3. Dear si/ma’am i seen your art works, there are good ideas.


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