Day #4 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course

Good morning! Welcome to Day #4 of our 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge, where we’re giving you 30 days of simple, creative & most importantly memorable ideas to make this the most fun summer EVER for your family.

Putt, putt everyone. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I know my husband wants to spend some QUIET time on the golf course, so it got me thinking about what to do with the kids while he’s golfing. (Our kids are taking golf lessons, but notice I highlighted the QUIET part earlier so they are staying home.)

Today’s fun tip: Build your own backyard miniature golf course. Use plastic cups or sand pails for the holes. Or use flower pots and designate each hole with gardening stakes you have in the garage.
You can also have the kids make flags for the holes out of old fabric – T-shirts, rags, etc. – and tape them to some stakes. If you want it to really look nice, cut triangular flags out of felt and staple them to a wooden dowel.

Hint: garage sales are great places to find cheap, sturdy, weather-resistant obstacles. If you have some old putters, use them. Check your phone book, you can also pick up some used kids clubs at your local used sporting equipment stores.

Now you are ready to design your course. Build on the natural topography of your yard to increase difficulty and keep the game interesting. (It’s OK to have to shoot through the patio furniture, under the deck or chip over the tree stump to make it more fun.) If your kids are older and good at this game, make it hard. Putt uphill. Put the hole behind a tree. Put the hole halfway up the side of the ditch. Try not to put any holes near a neighbor’s window, too close to the street, or in the direct line of fire to Daddy’s car.

Have the kids practice all summer and then host a neighborhood tournament in August. Give prizes out to the closest to the cup, hole in one, ball still on the grass, etc.

Kids Mini Golf Game

Want to make this even easier? Order out Alex Toys Miniature Golf Game. You’ll get two clubs, balls and 6 holes. Today only, take 25% off this fun outdoor game!

Want to make this even harder, but more cool? This Old House gives you instructions on how to make your own mini golf course which is totally cool.

Send us pictures or a drawing of your course to sue (at) We’d love to post it and give you the glory.

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