Day #23 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Your Driveway is Your Canvas

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Wait! Summer isn’t over yet. We still have 8 more ideas for our 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge. We apologize for the intermission in our series (vacations, Back-to-School busy season, life) but we have some good ideas to come and hope we inspire you to schedule some more family activities and laughter.

We all love arts & crafts. But doesn’t art seem more majestic when you create outside in nature? Here are some ideas to nurture your creative spirit while breathing in some summer air.

chalk outline

1. Chalk it up! Our kids love to draw on the driveway with chalk. We write birthday messages on the driveway, Holiday greetings for the neighborhood, and lovely pictures to be admired from space. Some of our favorite chalk drawings are when someone lies down on the driveway and we create a chalk outline of their body. Now color on some crazy clothes and make funny looking driveway people. (My son likes to draw crazy minions that will help him take over the world. To each their own.)

2. Raise the Banner. Another great outdoor art project is to grab some butcher paper or a long roll of art paper and roll it down the sidewalk. Now have your kids or all the kids in the neighborhood start drawing a large scene. The kids can walk around the block holding the banner when they are done, to show off their creativity in an art parade.

3. Paint with Water. Grab some buckets or cans of water. Grab some thick paint brushes and have your kids paint the outdoors. The best part is – it’s mess free. Toddlers love it! They can pretend to paint tree trucks, fences, or cars. They can paint on the driveway or on butcher block paper. Take a photo of their masterpiece before it dries.

Have fun making the outdoors a little more beautiful this summer.

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  1. That is so cute! I’m not sure I can pull it off in the Arizona heat without leaving my kiddos with 3rd degree burns all over their bodies :)


  2. Hi Raejean, Yes, that is probably true. For your neck of the woods, maybe wait until the Fall. Maybe in the summer you could do some egg frying games.

    Thanks for commenting and reading! I appreciate it.



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