Day #22 30 Day Summer Fun Challenge: Olympic Games

olympics for kids

Get the kids up and moving with our next Summer Fun Challenge idea – Host an Olympics Game in your backyard. Look through your garage to find some games and “obstacles” that you can use to create challenges for your kids and their friends.

What’s great about this family fun idea is you can spend a lot of time setting up and thinking about the challenges or you can just use what’s in your backyard already. Use your creativity and make the games as silly as you want. (I think one of the challenges should be to wash the dog but the dog gave me the evil eye.)

If you want to make it more educational for the kids, have them each choose a country too compete as and have them draw that country’s flag on a piece of paper that they “parade” around at the beginning of the games.

Outdoor Games
Depending on your child’s interest or athletic abilities you can design a variety of challenges around speed, endurance, and special talents. If your child loves gymnastics, make sure you have some balance beam, cartwheel, or tumbling challenges. If your child loves basketball, get some hoops games going. The idea is to provide a variety of games that everyone will enjoy and have a chance at a medal.

Race Challenges

  • Run to the end of the driveway and back the fastest
  • Run around the cul de sac
  • Sack race
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Three legged race
  • Race against the dog – who can run down the block the fastest
  • Wheelbarrel races
  • Baton races
  • Suitcase Relay – You’ll need at least two teams. Each team gets a suitcase with articles of clothing like a hat, scarf, mittens, sweater, robe, wig, pants, boots, etc. Then have the kids get in a line each with a suitcase full of clothes. First child on each team runs with the suitcase to a designated spot. Opens the suitcase and puts on all of the clothes. They run back to the start with the empty suitcase, take the clothes off and hand it to the next team member. Whichever team finishes first, wins.
  • Triathalon – Bike around the block, run around the block, skate around the block.

Frisbee throwing discus challenge – who can throw the farthest or who can get the frisbee closest to a target

Long jump – grab your tape measure!

Obstacle course – We like to set up obstacles to run around but also have the kids stop every now and then and do something silly. Run to the tree and give me 6 jumping jacks, then climb over the hill and roll down, walk like a duck, jump over every crack in the sidewalk, yodel, and then run through the hula hoops without missing one.

Mini Golf Course – Read our post on how to set up a mini golf course in your backyard

Baggo Game – most points wins

Alex Toys Jungle Croquet Game
Croquet Slalom Race – instead of going through the hoops, you have to go around them

Paddle Ball Alex Toys
Paddle Ball Competition – team with the most hits before ball drops wins

Trampoline – how many sit jumps can you do in a minute? Can you do a splits kick? Can you jump and sit, then knees, then twist all in one move? Who can jump the longest without losing balance?

Basketball Hoop – HORSE contest, knock-out, or 3-point shoot-out games

Paper Airplane Throw – make a paper airplane and see who’s flies the farthest

Here are some other great game ideas from AtoZ Kids Stuff.

At the end of the day, give out medals to the winners. Make sure everyone wins a medal for something. You can buy inexpensive medals at a craft store or make some with aluminum foil and ribbon. Check out our post on Celebrating the Winter Olympics Games with your kids. There are some good ideas for crafts, food, and party decorations.

Good luck and may the best team win! Send us some photos of your Olympic Games at We’d love to feature them on the blog.

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